Visual Arts for the IB Diploma Edition 2017 (PDF)

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Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Author (s): Heather McReynolds
Pages: 275
Edition: 2017
Language: English
Size: 22 Mb


0.1 Welcome
0.2 Who is this resource for?
0.3 What is the IB Visual Arts course about?
0.4 How is your work assessed?
0.5 The learner profile
0.6 The IB core
0.7 Howto use this resource
0.8 Exploring unknown territory
Chapter 1 Start exploring
1.1 Starting strategies
1.2 Looking, thinking, making
1.3 Fun and games
1.4 Failures and transformation
Chapter 2 The IB visual arts journal
2.1 Artists*sketchbooks and journals
2.2 What is the IB visual arts journal?
2.3 The role of your visual arts journal in the course
2.4 Reflection in the visual arts journal
Case study: Eduardo Modenese
Chapter 3 Culture and place
3.1 Defining culture
3.2 Your own cultural traditions
3.3 Historical context
3.4 Where am I now? Exploring your surroundings
3.5 Making connections
3.6 Site-specific art
Chapter 4 Materials and meaning
4.1 Techniques and art-making forms
4.2 Two-dimensional art forms
4.3 Three-dimensional art forms
4.4 Lens-based, electronic and screen-based art forms
4.5 The medium has a message
Chapter 5 Developing focus
5.1 Identifying areas of focus
5.2 Cross-curricular connections
5.3 Ethical expression
5.4 Art genres and styles
5.5 Building a body of work
Case study: Karen Laanem
Chapter 6 Curating and presenting
6.1 What is curatorial practice?
6.2 Artist and audience
6.3 Methods of display
6.4 Originality and appropriation
Chapter 7 The comparative study
7.1 What is the comparative study?
7.2 Analyse, interpret, evaluate, compare
7.3 Research and resources
7.4 Choosing artworks and artists
7.5 Structuring and presenting your comparative study
7.6 Making connections to your own art
Case study: Mila Gajic
Chapter 8 The process portfolio
8.1 What is the process portfolio?
8.2 Documenting process
8.3 Artists on process
8.4 Compiling your process portfolio
Case study: Valentine Emens
Chapter 9 The exhibition
9.1 Selecting a body of work
9.2 Communicating your intentions: exhibition texts and curatorial rationale
9.3 Curating your exhibition
9.4 Documenting your exhibition
Case study: Georgina Hextali
Chapter 10 The IBDP Visual Arts assessment
10.1 What is assessed?
10.2 Part 1: The comparative study - external assessment (SLand HL)
10.3 Part 2: The process portfolio - external assessment (SLand HL)
10.4 Part 3: The exhibition - internal assessment (SLand HL)
10.5 The extended essay in visual arts

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