New Advances in Vehicular Technology and Automotive Engineering (PDF)

New Advances in Vehicular Technology and Automotive Engineering (PDF)
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About the book

Edition: First published July 2012
Pages: 404
Authors: InTech
Publisher: InTech
Language: English


Section 1 Materials 1
Chapter 1 The Role of Nanotechnology in Automotive Industries
Chapter 2 Nanocomposite Based Multifunctional Coatings
Chapter 3 Lubricating Aspects of Automotive Fuels
Chapter 4 Biolubricants and Triboreactive Materials for Automotive Applications
Section 2 Electronics
Chapter 5 Batteries Charging Systems for Electric and Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicles
Chapter 6 Power Electronic Solutions to Improve the Performance of Lundell Automotive Alternators
Chapter 7 Antennas for Automobiles
Chapter 8 Automotive Networks Based Intra-Vehicular Communication Applications
Chapter 9 A Road Ice Sensor
Chapter 10 Optical Techniques for Defect Evaluation in Vehicles
Section 3 Mechanics
Chapter 11 Structural Health Monitoring in Composite Automotive Elements
Chapter 12 3D Surface Analysis for Automated Detection of Deformations on Automotive Body Panels
Chapter 13 Development of a Dimensionless Model for Predicting the Onset of Cavitation in Torque Converters
Chapter 14 Semi-Active Suspension Control Considering Lateral Vehicle Dynamics Due to Road Input
Section 4 Manufacturing
Chapter 15 Performance Measurement in Supply Chains: A Study in the Automotive Industry

Tags: Vehicular Technology

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