The City & Guilds Textbook: Theatrical, Special Effects and Media Make-Up Artistry. Edition 2021 (PDF)

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About the book:

Publisher: The City & Guilds
Author (s): Kelly Stokes, Tracey Gaines, Nicki Purchase
Place of Publication: United Kingdom
Pages: 875
Edition: 2021
Language: English
Size: 37 Mb


Introduction to the qualifications v
About the authors xii
How to use this book xiv
Acknowledgements xvi
1 Working in the make-up, film, TV and theatre industries 1
Factors to consider when entering the make-up industry 1
Safe working practices within the make-up industry 20
Expectations of working within the make-up industry 23
Sales opportunities when providing make-up services 29
Factors to consider when preparing a make-up and hair application 31
Provide recommendations and evaluate the make-up and hair application 40
2 Anatomy and physiology for make-up artists 43
The structure and functions of skin and hair 43
The skeletal system 50
Muscles of the face and upper body 53
3 Researching, planning and showcasing designs:
creating a look book and industry portfolio 57
Researching for make-up artistry designs 57
Planning make-up designs 60
Creating an industry portfolio 66
Showcasing designs 69
4 The art of applying make-up 71
Tailoring services to individual client characteristics 71
The use of products, tools and equipment 82
Create looks using make-up techniques 103
5 Creative hair design for media make-up 111
The use of products, tools and equipment 111
Styling hair to complement make-up 121
How to achieve creative hair design 140
6 Fashion and photographic make-up 143
Factors affecting the application of facial contouring 143
Applying fashion and photographic make-up 143
Capturing a photographic image 159
7 Historical hair and make-up looks 168
How make-up, hair styles and fashion trends have changed through the eras 168
Products used to create historical hair and make-up looks 185
Techniques and skills to create historical hair and make-up looks 185
8 Face and body art 195
Influences on body art 196
Applying face and body art designs 199
Body art for competitions 208
9 Camouflage make-up 217
The history of camouflage make-up and its uses 217
Applying camouflage make-up 228
10 Cutting and styling techniques for performers 238
Prepare for cutting and styling hair 238
Cut and style hair 254
11 Avant-garde hair and make-up 257
The current fashion industry 257
Create an avant-garde look 259
12 Apply prosthetic pieces and bald caps 268
The use of prosthetic pieces and bald caps 268
Apply prosthetic pieces and bald caps 272
13 Special effects make-up 281
Special effects products and their uses 281
Casualty make-up using special effects techniques and products 314
14 Create, dress and fit facial postiche 320
Create and dress facial postiche 320
Fit and maintain facial postiche 329
15 Media make-up blogging 334
Different blogging platforms used in the make-up industry 334
Features of blogging used in the make-up industry 338
Glossary 345
Picture credits 349
Index 352

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