The Python Bible 7 in 1: Volumes One To Seven (Beginner, Intermediate, Data Science, Machine Learning, Finance, Neural Networks, Computer Vision), Edition 2020 (PDF)

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Publisher: Amazon

Author (s): Florian Dedov 

Pages: 522

Edition: 2020

Language: English

Size: 4 Mb



Why Python?

How to Read This Book

1 – Installing Python

Python Installation

Development Environment

Python IDLE

Editor and CLI


2 – Our First Program

Hello World

Running The Script

3 – Variables and Data Types

Numerical Data Types




Creating Variables

Using Variables


4 – Operators

Arithmetic Operators

Assignment Operators

Comparison Operators

Logical Operators

Other Operators

5 – User Input

Input Function

6 – Conditions

If, Elif, Else


Nested If-Statements

7 – Loops

While Loop

Endless Loop

For Loop

Range Function

Loop Control Statements

Break Statement

Continue Statement

Pass Statement

8 – Sequences


Accessing Values

Modifying Elements

List Operations

List Functions


Tuple Functions


Accessing Values

Dictionary Functions

Membership Operators

9 – Functions

Defining Functions


Return Values

Default Parameters

Variable Parameters


10 – Exception Handling

Try Except

Else Statements

Finally Statements

11 – File Operations

Opening and Closing Files

Access Modes

Closing Files

With Statement

Reading From Files

Writing Into Files

Other Operations

Deleting and Renaming

Directory Operations

12 – String Functions

Strings as Sequences

Escape Characters

String Formatting

String Functions

Case Manipulating Functions

Count Function

Find Function

Join Function

Replace Function

Split Function

Triple Quotes

What’s Next?

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