The Straightforward Guide to Safeguarding Adults: From Getting the Basics Right to Applying the Care Act and Criminal Investigations, Edition 2019 (PDF)

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Publisher: Jessica Kingsley Publishers

Author (s): Deborah Barnett

Pages: 351

Edition: 2019

Language: English

Size: 2 Mb

The Straightforward Guide to Safeguarding Adults: From Getting the Basics Right to Applying the Care Act and Criminal Investigations, Edition 2019" is a comprehensive and accessible textbook providing essential knowledge and practical guidance on safeguarding adults. Aimed at professionals, caregivers, and individuals working in social care, health, and related fields, this edition, published in 2019, offers a comprehensive overview of safeguarding principles, policies, and practices.

Key Features:

Foundational Understanding: The textbook starts by establishing a strong foundation in safeguarding principles. It explains the core concepts of safeguarding, including recognizing abuse, understanding vulnerability, and promoting the dignity and well-being of adults at risk.

Legal Framework: The book provides a detailed explanation of the legal framework surrounding safeguarding adults. It covers key legislations such as the Care Act and other relevant laws and regulations. Readers gain insights into their legal obligations and responsibilities in safeguarding vulnerable adults.

Roles and Responsibilities: The text clarifies the roles and responsibilities of various professionals and organizations involved in safeguarding adults. It outlines the duties of social workers, healthcare providers, law enforcement, and other stakeholders, emphasizing the importance of collaboration and communication.

Risk Assessment and Management: The book discusses effective risk assessment and management strategies. It covers methods for identifying potential risks, evaluating their impact, and implementing preventive measures. Practical tools and approaches for risk management are presented.

Applying the Care Act: A significant portion of the textbook is dedicated to explaining the application of the Care Act in safeguarding adults. It discusses the Care Act's key components, including the duty of care, local authority responsibilities, safeguarding plans, and advocacy services.

Criminal Investigations: The book provides insights into the process of criminal investigations related to safeguarding issues. It explains the steps involved, the role of law enforcement agencies, and how criminal proceedings are initiated and conducted.

Safeguarding Protocols: The textbook covers various safeguarding protocols and procedures. It provides practical guidance on conducting safeguarding inquiries, handling disclosures, and reporting suspected abuse or neglect. Case studies and real-life examples illustrate these protocols in action.

Preventive Measures: Recognizing the importance of prevention, the book offers strategies for promoting a safer environment for adults at risk. It includes guidance on awareness campaigns, training programs, and community initiatives aimed at preventing abuse and neglect.

"The Straightforward Guide to Safeguarding Adults: From Getting the Basics Right to Applying the Care Act and Criminal Investigations, Edition 2019" serves as an indispensable resource for professionals and caregivers working with vulnerable adults. Its straightforward approach, practical advice, and emphasis on legal compliance make it an essential guide for ensuring the safety and well-being of adults at risk.

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