SQL: 3 books 1 - The Ultimate Beginner, Intermediate & Expert Guides To Master SQL Programming Quickly with Practical Exercises, Edition 2022 (PDF)

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About the book:

Publisher: Amazon

Author (s): Mark Reed

Pages: 380

Edition: 2022

Language: English

Size: 3 Mb



Chapter 1:

Understanding Databases

What’s a Database?

Database Management Systems

Flat Files

Database Types

The Relational Database

The Object-Relational Database

Chapter 2:

Using Queries to Obtain Data

The Basics

Query Structure and the SELECT Statement

The WHERE Clause



Filtering Data with Subqueries

Derived Tables with Subqueries

Table Expressions

Cross Tabulations


Chapter 3:

The Data Definition Language (DDL)

Using DDL to Create

Adding Foreign Keys with ALTER

Creating Foreign Key DDL

Unique Constraints

Deleting Tables and Databases

How to Create Views

Chapter 4:

SQL Joins and Union




The UNION Statement

The UNION ALL Statement

Chapter 5:

Data Integrity

Integrity Constraints

The Not Null Constraint

The Unique Constraint

The PRIMARY KEY Constraint

The FOREIGN KEY Constraint

The MATCH Part

The Referential Action

The CHECK Constraint

Defining the Assertion

Using the Domain Constraint

Chapter 6:

Creating an SQL View

Adding a View to the Database

Defining the View

Creating an Updatable View

How to Drop a View

Database Security

The Security Scheme

Creating and Deleting a Role

How to Assign and Revoke a Privilege

Chapter 7:

Database Setup

Creating a Database

Deleting a Database

Schema Creation

Specific Software Considerations

Creating Tables and Inserting Data

How to Create a Table

Creating a New Table Based on Existing Tables

How to Insert Data into a Table

Inserting New Data

Inserting Data into Specific Columns

Inserting NULL Values

Chapter 8:

Table Manipulation

Altering Column Attributes

Renaming Columns

Deleting a Column

Adding a New Column

Alter a Column without Modifying the Name

Using ALTER TABLE and a Few Rules

Chapter 9:


Datetime Data Types

Time Periods

Time Period Tables

System Versioned Tables

Chapter 10:

Database Administration

Recovery Models

Database Backup Methods

Restoring a Database

Restore Types

Attaching and Detaching Databases

Detaching the Database

Attaching Databases

Chapter 11:

Logins, Users and Roles

Server Logins

Server Roles

Assigning Server Roles

Database Users and Roles

Assigning Database Roles

The LIKE Clause

The COUNT Function

The AVG Function

The ROUND Function

The SUM Function

The MAX() Function

The MIN() Function

Chapter 12:

Dealing with Errors






The Next Steps


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