SQL for Beginners, Edition 2022 (PDF)

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Publisher: Amazon

Author (s): Chad Knowles

Pages: 148

Edition: 2022

Language: English

Size: 2 Mb

An Informative and In-depth Guide to SQL Programming.



Chapter 1: Preliminaries of Database

1.1: Initiation of Database

1.2: Advancement in Database Management System

1.3: Kinds of Databases

1.4: Building Blocks of Database Models

Chapter 2: Relational Model and Relational Database Management


2.1: Key Terms of the Relational Model

2.2: Different Keys of A Database Table

2.3: Normalization of Database

Chapter 3: Database Datatypes and Meta Data

3.1: Different DataTypes

3.2: Meta Data in Database

Chapter 4: Installing Microsoft SQL Server

4.1: What is Microsoft SQL Server?

4.2: Installation of SQL Server for Windows

4.3: Installation of SQL Server in Mac OS

Chapter 5: Mastering SQL Queries

5.1: The Fundamentals of SQL Statements

5.2: SQL Statements, Queries, and Clauses

Chapter 6: Understanding Tables Comprehensively

6.1: Designing and Creating Tables

Chapter 7: Using SELECT Clauses

7.1: SELECT Basic Clause

7.2: SELECT All Clause

Chapter 8: Enhancing Performance Using SUBQUERIES

8.1: What is a SUBQUERY?

8.2: SUBQUERY Basics

8.3: Exploring Opportunities using SUBQUERIES

Chapter 9: Joins in SQL

9.1: Are Joins Necessary in SQL?

9.2: Types of Joins in SQL

Chapter 10: Sets

10.1: UNION Clause

10.2: UNION ALL Clause

10.3: MINUS Clause

10.4: INTERSECT Clause

10.5: EXCEPT Clause


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