Special Educational Needs and Disability: The Basics, Edition 2023 (PDF)

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Edition, 2023

Pages: 652

Publisher: Routledge

Author: Janice Wearmouth

Language: English;

Size: 2 Mb;

Special Educational Needs and Disability: The Basics, Edition 2023 is a comprehensive and up-to-date textbook offering essential insights into the field of special education. Tailored for educators, parents, students, and professionals working with individuals with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND), this edition, published in 2023, provides a foundational understanding of key concepts, policies, practices, and challenges in the realm of special education.

Key Features:

Foundational Knowledge: The textbook covers the fundamental concepts and theories related to special educational needs and disabilities. It provides readers with a solid grounding in the historical, psychological, and sociological aspects of SEND, offering a context for understanding the current state of special education.

Legal Framework: The book explores the legal framework governing special education, including important laws, policies, and regulations. It discusses the rights of individuals with disabilities, inclusive education mandates, and the responsibilities of educational institutions and authorities.

Types of Disabilities: A detailed examination of various types of disabilities is included, ranging from learning disabilities and autism spectrum disorders to physical disabilities and sensory impairments. The book provides insights into the characteristics, challenges, and best practices associated with each type of disability.

Assessment and Identification: The textbook delves into the assessment and identification processes for students with special educational needs. It covers various assessment tools, techniques, and strategies used to identify students' strengths, challenges, and support requirements.

Inclusive Education Practices: A central focus of the book is on inclusive education. It explores strategies for creating inclusive classrooms, adapting teaching methods, and fostering positive social interactions among students with diverse abilities. The book emphasizes the importance of differentiated instruction and personalized learning approaches.

Collaboration and Communication: Effective collaboration between educators, parents, specialists, and support staff is crucial in special education. The textbook provides guidance on fostering strong partnerships, facilitating communication, and coordinating efforts to support students' learning and development.

Support Services: An overview of support services available for individuals with SEND is included. This section discusses the role of speech therapists, occupational therapists, counselors, and other professionals in providing comprehensive support to students with diverse needs.

Recent Developments: The 2023 edition incorporates the latest research findings, trends, and innovations in the field of special education. It discusses recent advancements in assistive technologies, interventions, and teaching methodologies, ensuring readers are informed about the most current practices.

Case Studies and Real-Life Examples: The textbook features real-life case studies and examples illustrating successful interventions, inclusive teaching practices, and collaborative efforts in supporting individuals with special educational needs and disabilities.

"Special Educational Needs and Disability: The Basics, Edition 2023" is an indispensable resource for anyone seeking a thorough understanding of special education. Its comprehensive coverage, practical insights, and focus on inclusivity make it a valuable guide for educators, parents, students, and professionals working with individuals with special educational needs and disabilities.

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