Safeguarding Adults Under the Care Act 2014. Understanding Good Practice (PDF)

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Edition: 2017
Pages: 334
Publisher: Jessica Kingsley Publishers
Author: Lyn Romeo
Language: English;
Size: 2 Mb;

"Safeguarding Adults Under the Care Act 2014: Understanding Good Practice" is a comprehensive textbook that provides an in-depth exploration of safeguarding practices concerning vulnerable adults in the context of the Care Act 2014 in the United Kingdom. This textbook serves as an essential guide for social workers, healthcare professionals, caregivers, and anyone involved in the care and support of vulnerable adults.

Key Features:

Legal Framework: The textbook delves into the legal framework established by the Care Act 2014, explaining the key principles and obligations it imposes on organizations and individuals involved in adult care. It outlines the legal responsibilities of practitioners in safeguarding adults and ensures a clear understanding of the legislative context.

Understanding Vulnerability: It explores the various forms of vulnerability that adults might face, including physical, emotional, financial, and psychological vulnerabilities. It offers insights into recognizing signs of abuse and neglect in different contexts.

Risk Assessment and Management: The book provides guidance on conducting thorough risk assessments, emphasizing the importance of identifying potential risks to adults' well-being. It offers practical strategies for managing these risks effectively to ensure the safety and welfare of vulnerable adults.

Multi-Agency Collaboration: Recognizing the complexity of adult safeguarding, the textbook highlights the significance of multi-agency collaboration. It discusses effective communication and coordination among different agencies, professionals, and stakeholders involved in the safeguarding process.

Good Practice Guidelines: The textbook outlines best practices in safeguarding vulnerable adults, offering practical tips and case studies to illustrate effective intervention strategies. It covers topics such as person-centered care, dignity, respect, empowerment, and the importance of involving adults in decision-making processes.

Prevention Strategies: Apart from responding to incidents of abuse, the book emphasizes preventive measures. It discusses the importance of education, awareness, and community engagement in preventing abuse and neglect, promoting a culture of vigilance and care.

Ethical Considerations: Addressing the ethical dilemmas often faced in safeguarding situations, the textbook explores ethical considerations related to privacy, consent, autonomy, and balancing the rights of vulnerable adults with the need for protection.

Case Studies: The inclusion of real-life case studies provides readers with practical examples, allowing them to apply theoretical knowledge to complex, real-world scenarios. These cases offer valuable insights into the challenges faced in safeguarding and the appropriate responses.

"Safeguarding Adults Under the Care Act 2014: Understanding Good Practice" is an indispensable resource for professionals working with vulnerable adults, offering comprehensive guidance on ensuring their safety, dignity, and well-being while upholding their rights and autonomy.

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