Python Programming for Beginners: The Complete Python Programming Crash Course to Learn Python Coding Well and Fast (with Hands-On Exercises), Edition 2022 (PDF)

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About the book:

Publisher: Codeone Publishing

Author (s): Codeone Publishing

Pages: 158

Edition: 2022

Language: English

Size: 1 Mb



Intro to Python

Python What is it?

Python peculiarities

A big availability of libraries

What kind of application can I develop with Python?

Who uses Python?

Chapter 1: Installing Python

Choosing a Python Version

General installation instructions

Installation on Windows

Installation on Linux (Ubuntu)

Installation on Mac OS

Running Programs

Interactive Interpreter or Interactive Mode via Shell

Script from Command Line

Python IDE (Integrated Development Environment)

Chapter 2: IDLE and Python Shell

Installing the Interpreter

Python IDLE

Using the Python Shell, IDLE and Writing our FIRST program

Python Interactive Mode

Python Script Mode

How to Write a Python Program and Run it in IDLE

Other Python Interactive Developer Environment (IDE)

The Eclipse Python Plugin

Types of Errors

Chapter 3: Data Types and Variables in Python


Numeric Data type

Booleans in Python

List Python


User-Input Values

Chapter 4: Numbers in Python

Abs Function

Ceil Function

Max Function

Min Function

Pow Function

Sqrt Function

Random Function

Randrange Function

Sin Function

Cos Function

Tan Function

Chapter 5: Operators in Python

1. Arithmetic Operators

2. Comparison Operators

3. Logical Operators

Chapter 6: Strings Methods in Python

Chapter 7: Program Flow Control and If-else, elif Statements

in Python

If … else Flow Control Statements

Incidental Using the If Statement

if…elif…else Flow Control Statement in Python

Nested if Statements in Python


Chapter 8: Loops in Python

For Loop in Python

range() function in Python

Using For Loop with Else

While Loop in Python

Using While Loop with Else

Python's Break and Continue

Continue Statement in Python


Chapter 9: Lists in Python

A Look into What Lists Are

2-D Lists

List Methods



Python Dictionaries

Chapter 10: Deep Dive on Python Tuples

Tuple in Python

Negative Indexing


Inbuilt Python Functions with Tuple

Escape Sequences in Python

Chapter 11: Sets in Python


Modules for Algorithms and Data Structures

Chapter 12: Functions in Python

How to Define and Call a Function

Understanding Functions Better

Return Statement

Multiple Parameters

Lambda Function

Global Variables

Local Variables

Chapter 13: Modules in Python

What are the Modules?

How to Create a Module

Locate a Module

Import Statement

Module Example One

Module Example Two

Chapter 14: Files Handling in Python

Creating New Files

What Are Binary Files?

Opening Your File

Chapter 15: Exception Handling in Python

Raising an Exception

Can I Define My Own Exceptions?

Chapter 16: Objects and Classes in Python

Defining a Class

Creating a New Class

Creating an Object


Deleting Attributes and Objects

Chapter 17: Inheritance and Polymorphism

Creating a Class in Python

Class Attributes

Class Data Attributes

Python Class Inheritance

Why is Inheritance Useful in Python Programming?

Inheritance Example

Class Polymorphism and Abstraction




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