Professional Hairdressing & Barbering. The Official Guide to Level 3 (PDF)

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Publisher: Cengage Learning
Written by Martin Green and Leo Palladino
Place of Publication: United Kingdom
Pages: 481 pages
Size: 86 MB
Edition: 7th Edition 2015
Language: English

"Professional Hairdressing & Barbering: The Official Guide to Level 3, 7th Edition 2015" is a specialized textbook aimed at individuals pursuing advanced education and training in the fields of hairdressing and barbering.

It covers:

1. Advanced Hairdressing and Barbering Techniques:
This textbook covers advanced techniques in hair cutting, styling, coloring, and barbering. It could include detailed step-by-step instructions and illustrations for creating various hairstyles, both classic and contemporary. Advanced techniques for handling diverse hair types and textures might also be included.

2. Client Consultation and Communication:
Effective communication and consultation skills are fundamental in the hairdressing and barbering industry. The book  provides guidance on conducting comprehensive consultations, understanding clients' needs and preferences, and offering personalized recommendations. It also covers effective communication in a salon or barbershop environment.

3. Hair and Scalp Health:
Understanding hair and scalp health is crucial. The textbook covers topics such as hair structure, scalp conditions, common hair and scalp issues, and suitable treatments and products for maintaining hair and scalp health. It could include in-depth discussions on hair and scalp analysis.

4. Chemical Processes and Color Theory:
Advanced color theory and chemical processes, including permanent and semi-permanent coloring, highlighting, and color correction, are covered. This section could include information on advanced color formulations, application techniques, and troubleshooting color-related issues.

5. Hair and Scalp Treatments:
The book delves into specialized hair and scalp treatments, such as deep conditioning, hair masks, and therapeutic scalp massages. It covers the selection of appropriate treatments based on clients' hair types and conditions, emphasizing advanced treatments and techniques.

6. Salon Management and Business Skills:
For individuals aspiring to own or manage salons or barbershops, this section could include topics on salon management, business planning, marketing, customer service strategies, and retail sales techniques. It provides insights into creating a successful salon or barbershop environment and building a loyal clientele.

7. Health and Safety Practices:
Safety protocols specific to hairdressing and barbering are discussed, including proper sanitation, hygiene practices, and the use of personal protective equipment (PPE). The book also covers regulations and standards related to health and safety in the salon or barbershop environment.

8. Creative Styling and Editorial Work:
Advanced creative styling techniques for events, fashion shows, and editorial work are included. This section showcases avant-garde hairstyling, creative updos, artistic barbering designs, and styling for photoshoots and runway events.

9. Trend Analysis and Fashion Influence:
The book explores current and historical hairdressing and barbering trends, analyzing how fashion and culture influence hairstyling. It covers iconic styles, influential hairstylists, and barbers, as well as cultural and historical influences on hair trends.

10. Portfolio Development and Professional Development:
Guidance on building a professional portfolio, showcasing skills and creativity, and pursuing continuous professional development are included. This section offers tips on creating a strong resume, preparing for job interviews, and staying updated with industry trends and techniques.

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