Professional Hairdressing & Barbering. The Official Guide to Level 3 (PDF)

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About the book

Publisher: Cengage Learning
Written by Martin Green and Leo Palladino
Place of Publication: United Kingdom
Pages: 481 pages
Size: 86 MB
Edition: 7th Edition 2015
Language: English


Foreword ix
About Habia and VTCT x
Acknowledgements xi
Credit list xiii
About the author xv
Level 3 in Hairdressing and Barbering xvi
About the book xxi
About the website xxiii
Introduction by the author xxiv

Part One: Customer-centered services

1 Consultation and Advice 4
Learning objectives 4
Introduction 5
The consultation 7
Analyze the hair, skin and scalp 15
Influencing factors and features 30
Make recommendations to clients 36
Advise clients on hair maintenance and management 38
Revision questions 42
2 Promote Services and products
Learning objectives 44
Introduction 45
Salon services and products 46
Gain client commitment to using additional services or products 52
Revision questions 56
3 Customer Service 58
Learning objectives 58
Introduction 59
Service improvement 60
Implement changes in client service 69
Assist with the evaluation of changes in client service 71
Revision questions 73

Part Two: Hairdressing Technical Services

4 Creative Cutting 76
Learning objectives 76
Introduction 77
Maintain effective and safe methods of working when cutting 78
Preparation for cutting 84
Creatively restyle women's hair 91
Cutting and styling techniques 94
Provide aftercare advice 104
Revision questions 105
5 Creative Barbering 108
Learning objectives 108
Introduction 109
Maintain effective and safe methods of working when cutting 110
Preparation for cutting 113
Creatively restyle men’s hair 124
Provide aftercare advice 131
Revision questions 132
6 Beards and Mustaches 134
Learning objectives 134
Introduction 135
Maintain effective and safe methods of working when cutting facial hair 136
Preparation for cutting 139
Create a range of facial hair shapes 144
Provide aftercare advice 147
Revision questions 149
7 Shaving 150
Learning objectives 150
Introduction 151
Maintain effective and safe methods of working when shaving 152
Prepare the hair and skin for shaving 157
Shaving 158
Provide aftercare advice
Revision questions 162
8 Creatively Style and Dress Hair
Learning objectives 164
Introduction 165
Maintain effective and safe methods of working when styling hair 166
Creatively style and dress hair 175
Provide aftercare advice 184
Revision questions 185
9 Creatively Dress Long Hair 86
Learning objectives 186
Introduction 187
Maintain effective and safe methods of working when dressing long hair 188
Creatively dress long hair 195
Provide aftercare advice 207
Revision questions 208
10 Hair Extensions 210
Learning objectives 210
Introduction 211
Maintain effective and safe methods of working when adding hair extensions 212
Plan and prepare to add hair extensions 218
Attach hair extensions 225
Cut and finish hair with extensions 232
Maintain and remove hair extensions 234
Provide aftercare advice 235
Revision questions 239
11 Colouring Hair 240
Learning objectives 240
Introduction 241
The principles of colour and colouring 242
Depth and tone 252
Lightening hair 256
Safe methods of working for colouring and lightening services 261
Skin and hair tests 268
Colour applications 275
Colouring problems 283
Provide aftercare advice 285
Revision questions 287
12 Colour Corrections 288
Learning objectives 288
Introduction 289
Maintain effective and safe methods of working when colour correcting hair 290
Find out what is wrong 292
Plan and agree a course of action to correct colour 296
Provide aftercare advice 309
Revision questions 310
13 Perming hair
Learning objectives 312
Introduction 313
Effective and safe methods of working when perming hair 314
Prepare for perming 320
Create a variety of permed effects 327
Alternative/creative winding techniques 332
Straightening hair 336
Neutralizing 338
Provide aftercare advice 343
Revision questions 344
14 Develop Your Creativity 346
Learning objectives 346
Introduction 347
Plan and design a range of images 348
The basics of good hair design 350
Produce a range of creative images 359
Revision questions 364

Part Three: Supporting management

15 Health and Safety 368
Learning objectives 368
Introduction 369
Check that health and safety instructions are followed 370
Make sure that risks are controlled safely and effectively 383
Controlling risks in the workplace 387
Revision questions 391
16 Personal Effectiveness 392
Learning objectives 392
Introduction 393
Contribute to the effective use and monitoring of resources 394
Consumer rights and legislation 401
Stock and stock control 403
Time and time management 408
Meet productivity and development targets 409
Revision questions 415
17 Promotional Activities 416
Learning objectives 416
Introduction 417
Contribute to the planning and preparation of promotional activities 418
Implement promotional activities 426
Advertising, PR and the press 429
Participate in the evaluation of promotional activities 432
Revision questions 434
Appendix 1; People’s rights and consumer legislation 436
Appendix 2: Answers to revision questions 439
Appendix 3: Useful addresses and websites 441
Glossary 443
Index 446
Web Chapters
18 Facial Massage
19 Hair Patterns and Designs

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