Practitioners Guide to Temporary Power System Edition 2019 (PDF)

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About the book

First edition 2019
Pages: 121
Publisher: IET
Language: English
Size: 45 Mb


Contributions by organizations and individuals
Section 1 Introduction
1.1 Overview
1.2 Scope
1.3 Applicable legislation
1.4 Applicable standards and industry guidance
1.5 Basin: information required
1.6 Temporary distribution planning considerations
Section 2 The electrical supply
2.1 Sources of supply
2.2 Generators
2.3 Multiple sources
2.4 Transformers in temporary systems
2.5 Neutral inversion
Section 3 Earthing and bonding
3.1 Protective earthing
3.2 Legal requirements
3.3 Protective bonding of extraneous-conductive-parts
3.4 Earthing conductor and main protective bonding conductor cross-sectional area5
3.5 Additional protection-Supplementary equipotential bonding
3.6 Earth electrodes
3.7 Types of earth electrode
Section 4 Protection
4.1 Types of protective device
4.2 Overload protection
4.3 Fault current protection
4.4 Protection against electric shock
4.5 Residual current devices (RCDS)
4.6 Surge protective devices (SPDs)
4.7 Mechanical protection and cabling selection
Section 5 Isolation and switching
5.1 Isolation
5.2 Functional switching
5.3 Emergency switching
5.4 Switching off for mechanical maintenance
Section 6 Power quality and energy efficiency 53
6.1 Power factor and generator operation
6.2 Harmonies symptoms
6.3 Harmonies - design considerations
Section 7 Special locations and emergency requirements
7.1 Summary of requirements
7.2 Wet locations
7.5 Exhibitions, shows and stands
7.4 Construction sites
7.5 Mobile and transportable units
7.6 Emergency lighting
7.7 Resilience planning
Section 8 Inspection and testing
8.1 Safe isolation procedure
8.2 Verification and the application of BS 7671 vs BS 7909
8.3 Equipment testing (portable appliance testing - PAT)
8.4 Inspection of the temporary distribution
8.5 Testing the temporary distribution
8.6 Operation and testing of residual current circuit-breakers (RCCBs) and RCBOs
8.7 Documentation
8.8 Testing small and simple systems
8.9 Tests following changes or relocation
Section 9 Example of temporary systems
9.1 Generator and four portable buildings with work area lighting
9.2 Generator-powering equipment inside a venue with a separate electrical system
9.3 Multiple generators at an event
9.4 Catering van or trailer
9.5 Street fair supplied from street furniture
9.6 Earthing of parallel generator sets
Appendix A Maximum permissible measured earth fault loop impedance
Appendix B Current-carrying capacities and voltage drop for common flexible cables
Appendix C Resistance of copper and aluminum conductors
Appendix D Circuit-breaker operating curves
Appendix E Operating times of RCDs to BS EN 61008 & BS EN 61009
(including DC performance characteristics)
Appendix F BS 7909 model forms
Appendix G Schedule of Test Results

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