Practical Guide to Inspection, Testing and Certification of Electrical Installations 5th Edition 2019 (PDF)

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The 5th edition 2019;
Pages: 291;
Author: Christopher Kitcher;
Publisher: Routledge;
Language: English;
Size: 32 Mb;


List of figures and tables
inspecting and testing of electrical installations
Chapter 1
The legal requirements
BS 7671 (non-statutory)
Building regulations
Notifiable work
Inspecting and testing of notifiable work
Self-certification by a registered competent person
Certification by a registered third party
Non-notifiable work
Inspection and testing of non-notifiable work
Building regulation compliance certificates or notices for notifiable work
Provision of information
Chapter 2 Types of certification required for the inspecting and testing of electrical
Certification required for domestic installations (Part P)
Minor electrical installation works certificate
Part P domestic electrical installation certificate
Periodic inspection, testing and reporting
Certification required for the inspecting and testing of installations other than domestic
Minor electrical installation work certificate
Electrical installation certificate
Chapter 3 Initial verification inspection
Electrical intake
Alternative supply sources
Automatic disconnection of supply
Basic protection
Fault protection
Basic and fault protection
Additional protection
Initial verification testing
Sequence of tests
Periodic inspection
Visual inspection
What are we tool<ing for during a periodic inspection?
Three-phase circuits/systems
Periodic testing
Voltage drop and inspection and testing
Verification of voltage drop
Voltage drop in conductors
Testing of electrical installations
Safe isolation
Safe isolation procedure
Testing of protective bonding conductors
Main protective bonding
Continuity of protective supplementary bonding conductors
Determining if a metal part is extraneous or just a piece of metal
Continuity of circuit protective conductors
Method 1
Method 2
Ping final circuit test
Broken conductor in a ring circuit
Truth table
Insulation resistance test
Low insulation resistance
Domestic installation
Testing the whole installation
Testing of individual circuits
Surge protection
Insulation resistance testing of a three-phase installation
Polarity test
Polarity test on a radial circuit such as a cooker or immersion heater circuit
Polarity test on a lighting circuit
Chapter 5 Earth electrode testing
Measurement using an earth electrode tester
Performing the test
Testing with an earth loop resistance tester
Earth fault path for a TT system
Earth fault path for a TN-S system
Earth fault path for a TN-C-S system
Performing a Ze test
Circuit earth fault loop impedance Zs
Verification of Ze values
Method using tables from GN3 or the On-site Guide
Direct measurement
A circuit incorporating a socket outlet on a ring or a radial
Performing the test on a radial circuit other than a socket outlet
Earth loop impedance using a high current loop test instrument without tripping an RCD
Prospective fault current test (Ipf)
Three lead test
Functional testing
Residual current device
Types of RCD
RCDs and supply systems
Testing of RCDs
Voltage operated (ELCBs)
BS 4293 RCDs
BS EN 610081
es 4293 type S
es EN aides type S
BS 7288 RCD protected socket
BS EN 6109 RCBOs
Chapter 6
Completion of test certificates
Minor electrical installation works certificate
Electrical installation certificate
Design, construction, inspection and testing
Next inspection
Supply characteristics and earthing arrangements
Supply protective device
Particulars of the installation referred to in the certificate
Main protective conductors
Main switch or circuit breaker
Comments on the existing installation
Schedule of test results
Information required
Test results
Schedule of inspections
Electrical installation condition report
Completing the form
Summary on the condition of the installation
Supply characteristics and earthing arrangements
Particulars of the installation referred to in the certificate
Details of earth electrode
Main protective conductors
Main switch or circuit breaker
Condition report inspection schedule
Correct selection of protective devices
Why are they installed?
What type of device is it? Is it a fuse or circuit breaker?
Is the device being used for protection against indirect contact?
What type of circuit is the device protecting? Is it supplying fixed equipment only, or could it supply handheld equipment?
If it is a circuit breaker, is it the correct type?
Will the device be able to safely interrupt the prospective fault current which could flow in the event of a fault?
Is the device correctly coordinated with the lead and the cable?
Additional information regarding circuit breakers
Testing transformers
Step up or down double wound transformer
Isolation transformer
Separated extra-low voltage transformers (SELV and PELV)
Testing a three-phase induction motor
Polarisation index testing of an electric motor
Chapter 8 Test equipment
Instruments required
Low resistance ohm meter
Insulation resistance tester
Earth fault loop impedance tester
Prospective short circuit current test instrument
Earth electrode resistance tester
Residual current device tester
Phase rotation
Thermographic equipment
Calibration of test instruments
Volt stick
Chapter 9 Electric shock
ingress protection
Chapter 10 Testing photovoltaic systems
Testing and commissioning
Visual inspection
Testing the d.c. side of the installation
Method 1
Method 2
Insulation resistance test
Method 1
Method 2
Testing the a.c. side of the installation
Chapter 11 Fault finding
Ring final circuit
Interpretation of ring final test results
RCD tripping
Insulation resistance
Identifying a lost switch line on a three-plate lighting circuit
Immersion heater not working
Chapter 12 Exercises and questions
Chapter 13 Answers

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