NICEIC Domestic Gas Safety On Site Guide - Part 2 Edition 2020 (PDF)

NICEIC Domestic Gas Safety On Site Guide - Part 2 Edition 2020 (PDF)
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Pages: 466
Edition: 2020
Publisher: NICEIC / ELECSA / ECA
Author: Chris Long
Language: English


Part 1 Chapters
Gas Safety Legislation
Gas Emergency
Combustion and Flue Gas Analysis
Tightness Testing and Purging
Checking and Setting Regulators
Gas Industry Unsafe Situations Procedures
Gas Rate & Heat Output
Safety Devices & Controls
Flueing/Chimney Standards
Re-Establishing Gas Supplies
Labels and Notices
Glossary and Appendices

Part 2 Chapters:

Central Heating Boilers
Carbon Monoxide/Dioxide Atmosphere Sampling
Ducted Air Heaters
Gas Fired Space Heater
Water Heaters
Gas Meters
Tumble Dryers
Leisure Appliances
Emergency Service Provider Engineer and Meter Installer
Glossary and Appendices

Chapter 14 Central Heating Boilers

Design Considerations
Appliance Types
Regular non-condensing boilers (standard boilers)
Back boiler units with fire fronts (outset or ILFE)
System boilers
Combination boilers
Condensing boilers
Condensate removal
Condensate in-line neutraliser devices
Room Types and Location
Boiler compartments
Shower rooms/bathrooms
Under stairs
Airing cupboards
Toilets and cloakrooms
Roof space installations
External installations

Chapter 14 Central Heating Boilers

System Protection
Open vented systems
Sealed systems
Gas Supply
Electrical Supply
Notification of building work
Risk assessment
Safe to touch
Test instrumentation
Safe isolation procedure
Means of locking off
Means of isolation
Safe system of work
Air/gas ratio valve
Operating sequence fortran assisted boilers with automatic ignition
Commissioning and Servicing
Commissioning procedure
Servicing procedure

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