Planning in the Moment with Two and Three Year Olds, Edition 2020 (PDF)

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Edition, 2020
Pages: 461
Publisher: Routledge
Author: Anna Ephgrave
Language: English;
Size: 25 Mb;

"Planning in the Moment with Two and Three Year Olds, Edition 2020" is an instructive textbook that offers practical guidance for educators and caregivers working with children aged two to three years old. The book provides concrete strategies and methodologies for spontaneous and responsive teaching, emphasizing the importance of seizing teachable moments as they occur during a child's day-to-day activities.

Key aspects of the textbook include:

Child-Centric Approach: The textbook adopts a child-centric approach, encouraging educators to be observant and responsive to children's interests, needs, and developmental stages.

Spontaneous Teaching Strategies: It provides specific techniques for educators to engage with children in the moment, tailoring teaching experiences to the child's current interests and inquiries.

Play-Based Learning: The book emphasizes the significance of play as a primary mode of learning for toddlers. It offers insights into integrating educational concepts seamlessly into play activities.

Individualized Learning: Educators are guided on how to tailor their teaching approaches to the unique needs and learning styles of individual children, fostering a personalized learning experience.

Observation and Assessment: The textbook highlights the importance of keen observation skills in understanding a child's interests and strengths. It guides educators on how to assess and document children's progress effectively.

Responsive Curriculum Planning: Educators are equipped with strategies to adapt the curriculum dynamically, responding to children's emerging interests and curiosities.

Social and Emotional Development: The book addresses the crucial role of social and emotional development in early childhood. It offers techniques to promote positive social interactions, emotional regulation, and empathy among toddlers.

Language and Communication: Educators are provided with tools to enhance toddlers' language and communication skills, focusing on vocabulary development, expressive language, and early literacy.

Parental Involvement: The textbook encourages educators to collaborate with parents, sharing insights into the child's learning experiences and progress. It emphasizes the significance of a strong home-school connection.

Case Studies and Examples: Real-life case studies and practical examples are included to illustrate effective teaching moments. These examples provide tangible scenarios for educators to understand and implement the concepts discussed.

"Planning in the Moment with Two and Three Year Olds, Edition 2020" serves as a valuable resource for early childhood educators, offering actionable strategies for fostering meaningful learning experiences for toddlers within the context of their daily activities and interactions.

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