Oxford IB Diploma Programme: Sports, Exercise and Health Science Course Companion, Edition 2012 (PDF)

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Publisher: Oxford University Press
Author (s): John Sproule
Pages: 369
Edition: 2012
Language: English
Size: 123 Mb


Chapter 1: Musculoskeletal anatomy
Chapter 2: Cardio- respiratory exercise physiology
Chapter 3: Nutrition and energy systems
Chapter 4: Movement analysis
Chapter 5 : Skill in sport
Chapter 6: Measurement and evaluation of human performance
Chapter 7: Training to optimize physiological performance
Chapter 8: Environmental factors and performance
Chapter 9: Non-nutritional ergogenic aids
Chapter 10: Individual differences in sport
Chapter 11: Motivation in sport and exercise
Chapter 12 : Arousal, anxiety and performance
Chapter 13: Psychological skills training
Chapter 14: Overtraining, stress and burnout in adolescent athletes
Chapter 15 : Physical activity and health
Chapter 16: Nutrition for sport and exercise
Chapter 17 : Internal assessment and practical work
Chapter 18: Preparing for your exams
Glossary 359
Index 360

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