My Revision Notes: OCR Cambridge Nationals in Creative iMedia Level 1/2: Pre-production skills and Creating digital graphics (PDF)

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Publisher: Hodder Education

Author (s): Kevin Wells;

Pages: 182

Edition: 2017

Language: English

Size: 5 Mb


Unit R081: My revision planner

LO1 Understand the purpose and content of preproduction

The purpose, uses and content of different preproduction documents

Mood boards

Mind maps/spider diagrams

Visualization diagrams



LO2 Be able to plan pre-production

Planning pre-production

Interpreting client requirements

Using research

Producing work plans and production schedules

Categorizing the target audience

Hardware, software and techniques for pre-production

Health and safety considerations

Legislation in creative media production

LO3 Be able to produce pre-production documents

Creating pre-production documents

Creating a mood board

Creating a mind map/spider diagram

Creating a visualisation diagram

Creating a storyboard

Analysing a script

File formats and their properties

LO4 Be able to review pre-production documents

How to review pre-production documents and identify areas for improvement

How to review pre-production documents

How to identify areas for improvement

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Exam practice answers

Unit R082: My learning planner

LO1: Understand the purpose and properties of digital graphics

Why digital graphics are used

How digital graphics are used

Types of digital graphics

File formats

Properties of digital graphics and their suitability for use in creating images

How different purposes and audiences influence the design and layout of digital graphics

LO2: Be able to plan the creation of a digital graphic

Interpreting client requirements

Understanding the target audience

Producing a work plan for graphics creation

Producing a visualisation diagram

Identifying assets needed to produce a digital graphic

Identifying resources needed to create a digital graphic

Legislation in digital graphics production

LO3: Be able to create a digital graphic

Sourcing assets for use in digital graphics

Creating assets for use in digital graphics

Ensuring the technical compatibility of assets

Using image-editing software

Using tools and techniques to create assets and graphics

Saving and exporting a digital graphic in different formats

Using version control

LO4: Be able to review a digital graphic

How to review a digital graphic

How to identify areas for improvement and further development

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