My Revision Notes: OCR Cambridge Nationals in Creative iMedia Level 1/2: Pre-production skills and Creating digital graphics (PDF)

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Publisher: Hodder Education

Author (s): Kevin Wells;

Pages: 182

Edition: 2017

Language: English

Size: 5 Mb

"My Revision Notes: OCR Cambridge Nationals in Creative iMedia Level 1/2: Pre-production skills and Creating digital graphics" is a comprehensive and invaluable textbook designed to aid students preparing for their OCR Cambridge Nationals in Creative iMedia Level 1/2 examinations. This authoritative guide provides thorough coverage of pre-production skills and digital graphics creation, essential components of the Creative iMedia curriculum.

Key features of the textbook include:

Comprehensive Content: The book covers all crucial topics outlined in the OCR Cambridge Nationals Creative iMedia Level 1/2 syllabus. It includes in-depth explanations of pre-production processes, digital graphics creation, design principles, and industry-standard software applications.

Detailed Pre-production Skills: The textbook provides detailed insights into pre-production processes, including planning, storyboarding, scriptwriting, and project management. It offers practical guidance on organizing creative ideas, ensuring effective project planning and execution.

Digital Graphics Creation: The book delves into the creation of digital graphics, exploring graphic design principles, image manipulation, and vector graphics. It provides step-by-step instructions for using software tools, enabling students to develop their digital graphics creation skills.

Practical Application: The textbook emphasizes practical application of knowledge. It includes hands-on exercises, design challenges, and real-life examples, allowing students to apply theoretical concepts in practical scenarios. This approach enhances their problem-solving skills and creativity.

Software Proficiency: The book focuses on proficiency with industry-standard software applications. It covers software tools commonly used in graphic design, ensuring students are well-versed in their functionalities and capable of producing high-quality digital graphics.

Visual Learning Aids: The book incorporates visual aids such as diagrams, screenshots, and illustrations to enhance learning. Visual representations of design concepts, software interfaces, and graphic elements assist students in visualizing abstract ideas, promoting a deeper understanding of digital graphics creation.

Exam Preparation: The textbook offers exam-focused preparation material, including practice questions, model answers, and revision tips. It provides insights into exam patterns, question types, and effective answering techniques, enabling students to prepare thoroughly for their examinations.

Accessible Language: Despite dealing with technical subject matter, the textbook uses language that is accessible to students with varying levels of graphic design expertise. It ensures that all readers can comprehend the content, fostering an inclusive learning experience.

"My Revision Notes: OCR Cambridge Nationals in Creative iMedia Level 1/2: Pre-production skills and Creating digital graphics" serves as an essential resource for students preparing for their Creative iMedia examinations. It equips them with the knowledge, practical skills, and creativity needed to excel in their studies and achieve success in their assessments, laying a strong foundation for their future endeavors in the field of digital graphics and media production.

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