My Revision Notes: Cambridge National Level 1/2 Information Technologies, Edition 2018 (PDF)

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My Revision Notes: Cambridge National Level 1/2 Information Technologies, Edition 2018 (PDF)

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About the book:

Publisher: Hodder Education

Author (s): Sonia Stuart

Pages: 197

Edition: 2018

Language: English

Size: 2 Mb


Learning Outcome 1: Understand the tools and techniques that can be used to initiate and plan solutions

1.1 The phases of the project life cycle and the tasks carried out in each phase

1.2 The interaction and iteration between the phases of the project life cycle

1.3 The inputs and outputs of each phase of the project life cycle

1.4 Initial project considerations

1.5 Planning tools and the software types used to develop project plans

Learning Outcome 3: Understand how data and information can be collected, stored and used

3.1 Data

3.2 Information

3.3 The methods used to collect data and store data/information, and the IT used to support data collection

3.4 Different storage methods and the appropriateness of the use of these in context

3.5 The use of data, the applications and interaction of data stores, and the benefits and drawbacks of the use of data

Learning Outcome 4: Understand the factors to be considered when collecting and processing data and storing data/information

4.1 Types of threats

4.2 The vulnerabilities that can be exploited in a cyber-security attack

4.3 The impacts and consequences of a cyber-security attack

4.4 Prevention measures

4.5 Current relevant IT legislation, its implications and applications

4.6 The importance of validity, reliability and bias when collecting and using data and information

Learning Outcome 6: Understand the different methods of processing data and presenting information

6.1 Selection and justification of the appropriate software tools and techniques to process data

6.2 Selection and justification of the appropriate tools and techniques to present information

6.3 The resources required for presenting information

Exam technique

Practice questions and commentary


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