Movement Environment Rating Scale (MOVERS) for 2-6-year-olds provision (PDF)

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Edition: 2015
Pages: 62
Authors: Carol Archer and Iram Siraj
Publisher: UCL IOE Press
Language: English
Size: 32 Mb

The "Movement Environment Rating Scale (MOVERS) for 2-6-year-olds provision" is a comprehensive and detailed textbook designed to assess and enhance the movement opportunities and environments for young children aged 2 to 6 years. This authoritative guide provides a systematic framework for evaluating the quality and effectiveness of movement programs in early childhood settings.

Key features of the textbook include:

Structured Assessment: The MOVERS textbook presents a structured assessment tool for evaluating movement environments in early childhood settings. It offers clear guidelines and criteria for assessing the physical space, materials, and teacher-child interactions related to movement activities.

Age-Appropriate Criteria: The textbook outlines age-appropriate criteria tailored specifically for 2-6-year-olds. It takes into account the developmental stages and motor skills of young children, ensuring that the assessment criteria align with their abilities and needs.

Comprehensive Evaluation: MOVERS covers various aspects of movement environments, including indoor and outdoor spaces, safety measures, equipment availability, and teacher practices. It provides a holistic evaluation of the entire movement experience offered to young children.

Effective Teaching Strategies: Readers gain insights into effective teaching strategies that promote active and engaging movement experiences. The textbook emphasizes play-based learning, child-initiated activities, and creative expression, fostering a positive and stimulating movement environment.

Visual Tools: The MOVERS textbook includes visual tools such as diagrams, photographs, and examples to illustrate key concepts and assessment criteria. These visuals enhance understanding and serve as practical references for implementing improvements in movement environments.

Professional Development: It offers guidance on professional development for educators and caregivers. The textbook provides recommendations for training, workshops, and resources to enhance teachers' knowledge and skills in creating enriching movement experiences for young children.

Feedback and Improvement: MOVERS encourages a continuous improvement approach. It includes feedback mechanisms and self-assessment tools, allowing educators and administrators to reflect on their practices and make necessary enhancements to the movement environment.

Promotion of Physical Literacy: The textbook underscores the importance of physical literacy in early childhood. It outlines activities and strategies that support the development of fundamental movement skills, laying the foundation for a lifelong enjoyment of physical activities.

Inclusivity and Diversity: MOVERS promotes inclusivity and diversity in movement environments. It provides guidance on accommodating children with diverse abilities and backgrounds, ensuring that movement opportunities are accessible and enjoyable for all children.

Alignment with Standards: The textbook aligns with national and international standards related to early childhood education and physical development. It assists educators in meeting curriculum requirements and providing high-quality movement experiences that contribute to children's overall development.

"Movement Environment Rating Scale (MOVERS) for 2-6-year-olds provision" serves as an invaluable resource for early childhood educators, administrators, and researchers. It equips readers with a structured framework to assess, enhance, and optimize movement opportunities for young children, fostering their physical, social, and cognitive development in early learning environments.

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