Modern Residential Construction Practices Edition 2017 (PDF)

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About the book

Edition: 2017
Pages: 547
Authors: David A. Madsen and David P. Madsen
Publisher: Routledge
Language: English


Learning Modern Residential Construction Practices
Instructor resources
1. Introduction to building codes and the preliminary construction process
Introduction to building codes
Creating the codes
Introduction to the construction process
The building permit process
Public and private land use restrictions
Creating or choosing plans
The role of a general contractor (GC)
Building your own home by being your own GC
Hiring a contractor
Seeking a construction loan
The building permit application
Mandatory inspection schedules
Voluntary inspections and tests
2. Introduction to green building technology
Introduction to green building technology
Green building technology supports a healthy architectural environment
International Energy Conservation Code (IECC)
Energy-efficient construction alternatives and programs
The USGBC LEED program
The LEED for Homes program
National Association of Home Builders Model Green
Home Building Guidelines
Water efficiency and conservation 29
National Green Building Standard
Energy Star
Earth Advantage certification programs
The EnviroHome Initiative, Canadian Home Builders’
The Construction Product Sustainability Information
Reporting Guide
Small footprint home
Solar energy design
Living with solar energy systems
Codes and solar rights
Passive solar systems
Active solar systems
Photovoltaic modules
Solar thermal water heating
Architectural features associated with solar systems
Air-lock entry
Roof overhang
Clerestory windows
Light shelves
Thermal storage walls
Roof ponds
Earthen floors
Green roof
Solariums and sunrooms
Solar architectural concrete products
Geothermal systems
Wind energy
Net-zero energy or net metering
Hydroelectric power
Sustainable development and green building on brownfield sites
3. Drawings and specifications
Architectural drawing format
Sheet sizes
Reading architectural sheet blocks
Site plan
Legal descriptions
Floor plans
Foundation plan
Framing plans
Electrical plans
Sections and details
Roof plan
Interior elevations
Snow, wind, and seismic engineering
Specifications for commercial construction
Introduction to universal design
4. Construction site and excavation
Site orientation
Terrain orientation
View orientation
Solar orientation
Wind orientation
Summer cooling winds
Sound orientation
Survey basics
Site survey
Reading survey stakes
Grading plan
Site grading
Corner staking, excavation layout, and footing excavation
Environmental protection
Construction site storm water runoff control
Erosion control
Sediment control
5. Foundation materials and construction
Foundation systems
Concrete construction
Poured-in-place concrete
Soil, excavating, and grading
Steel reinforced concrete
Welded wire reinforcement
Anchor bolts and hold-down anchors
Crawl space foundation
Staking and excavating the crawl space
Crawl space foundation forms and pouring concrete
Concrete slab foundation
Staking and excavating for concrete slab construction
Concrete slab foundation forms and pouring concrete
Basement foundation
Concrete block construction
Staking and excavating for basement foundation construction
Basement foundation forms and pouring concrete
Insulating concrete forms (ICF)
Pier foundation
Setting and pouring a pier foundation
Under-slab electrical, HVAC, and plumbing
6. Floor framing materials and construction
Wood floor framing materials
Dimensional lumber
Engineered wood products
Subflooring materials
Steel floor framing materials
Floor framing systems
Using hold-down anchors
Floor framing at partitions
Framing floor openings
Framing a cantilever
Bracing used in floor framing
Framing at bearing partitions and beams
Installing subflooring and underlayment
Platform and balloon framing
Timber-frame construction
Timber-frame floor framing
7. Wall framing materials and construction
Wall framing systems
Platform and balloon framing
Wood framing materials
Wall framing with dimensional lumber
Wall framing with engineered wood products
Wall sheathing and siding
Wall framing techniques
Framing corners
Framing intersecting partitions 238
Framing shear walls
Energy-efficient wall framing methods
Using rigid insulation sheathing
Framing staggered studs and double-wall systems
Structural insulated panels (SIP)
Steel wall framing materials and methods
Steel wall framing materials
Steel wall framing methods
Masonry wall construction
Common masonry construction materials
Common masonry wall practices for residential construction
8. Roof framing materials and construction
Roof styles
Roof framing materials and terminology
Framing a hip roof
Framing the eave
Framing a flat roof
Framing a dormer
Framing a roof opening
Framing a roof for a vaulted ceiling
Framing with roof trusses
Timber-frame roof construction
Light steel roof framing applications
Light steel roof trusses
Roofing materials and installation
Wood roofing
Composition roofing
Concrete and clay tile roofing
Metal roofing
Roof vents
9. Insulation and barriers
Types of insulation
House wrap and vapor barrier
Vapor barrier installation
Radiant barriers
Radiant barrier installation
10. Door and window specifications and installation
Door types and styles
Exterior doors
Interior doors
Window types and styles
Sliding windows
Casement windows
Double-hung windows
Awning windows
Jalousie windows
Fixed windows
Bay windows
Garden windows
Skylights and sloped glazing
Insulated windows
Door and window schedules
Schedule key
Pre-hung doors
Specifying door swing
Slab doors
Door installation
Steps for hanging a pre-hung door
Steps for installing a pocket door
Window installation
Installing a window
Skylight installation
Prepare the skylight curb
Prepare the flashing and roofing
Install the skylight
11. Stair construction
Types of stairs
Stair floor plan representations
Basic stair characteristics
Stair framing
12. Fireplace construction
Fireplace types and floor plan representations
Manufactured fireplaces
Direct-vent, self-venting, and vent-free gas
Electric fireplaces
Wood storage
Built-in masonry barbecue
Masonry fireplace construction
Multilevel fireplaces
Solid fuel–burning appliances
Floor protection
Wall protection
Combustion air
13. Mechanical, plumbing, and electrical systems
Introduction to mechanical systems
Central forced air systems
Hot water heating systems
Heat pump systems
Ductless heat pump systems
Zone control systems
Radiant heat
HVAC code requirements
Universal HVAC installations
Introduction to plumbing systems
Sizing of plumbing piping
Water systems
Water heaters
Hose bibbs
Drainage and vent systems
Plumbing placement
Plumbing schedules
Fire sprinkler systems
Sewage disposal
Public sewers
Septic system
Cesspool system
Residential storm drains
Metric values in plumbing
Universal plumbing installations
Introduction to electrical systems
Finish electrical
Reading electrical symbols
Basic electrical installation recommendations
Smoke detectors
Carbon monoxide alarms
Universal electrical installations
Home automation
Entertainment centers
Computerized programming
Security systems
Radiofrequency systems
Structured wiring
Electrical schedules
Residential wind power electricity generation
Photovoltaic modules
Metric values in electrical installations
14. Indoor air quality and safety
Sources of pollutants
Heat recovery and ventilation
Exhaust systems
Cleaning the air
Ventilation and air filtration
Electrostatic air filters
Ultraviolet light systems
Controlling dust
Mold prevention
Sealing the home from the garage
Mechanical systems and the garage
Detached garages
Central vacuum systems
15. Finish work and materials
Drywall installation and finish
Types of millwork
Chair rail
Handrails and guardrails
Cabinet types
Cabinet options
Kitchen, bath, and laundry room design basics
Appliances and fixtures
Reading cabinet elevations
Keying cabinet elevations to floor plans
Surface finishes

Tags: Residential Construction

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