Modern Building Design: Evidencing changes in engineering and design practice, Edition 2019 (PDF)

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Edition: 2019

Pages: 262

Author(s): Ricardo Codinhoto

Publisher: The Crowood Press Ltd

Language: English

Size: 13 Mb

"Modern Building Design: Evidencing Changes in Engineering and Design Practice, Edition 2019" is a definitive and up-to-date textbook that showcases the evolution of engineering and design practices in contemporary building construction. This comprehensive guide provides concrete evidence of the advancements, innovations, and trends shaping the field of modern building design.

Key features of the textbook include:

In-depth Exploration: The book delves into the intricate details of modern building design, providing readers with a thorough exploration of architectural concepts, engineering principles, and design methodologies.

Technological Advancements: It highlights the latest technological advancements that have revolutionized the construction industry. Readers gain insights into cutting-edge tools, software, and materials that are shaping the way buildings are designed and constructed.

Sustainable Practices: The textbook emphasizes sustainable design and construction practices. It discusses eco-friendly materials, energy-efficient systems, and environmentally conscious design approaches, reflecting the industry's commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility.

Case Studies: The book includes real-world case studies that illustrate successful modern building projects. These case studies provide tangible examples of innovative design solutions, construction techniques, and project management strategies employed in contemporary building design.

Interdisciplinary Collaboration: Readers learn about the importance of interdisciplinary collaboration in modern building design. The book explores how architects, engineers, contractors, and other professionals work together seamlessly to achieve complex design objectives and overcome challenges.

Regulatory Compliance: The textbook covers building codes, regulations, and standards applicable to modern construction projects. It educates readers on compliance requirements, safety protocols, and legal considerations, ensuring adherence to industry regulations.

Design Principles: It outlines fundamental design principles that govern modern architecture and building aesthetics. Readers gain an understanding of architectural styles, spatial planning, and design trends that influence contemporary building designs.

Digital Modeling and Visualization: The book discusses the use of digital modeling and visualization tools in the design process. Readers learn about Building Information Modeling (BIM), virtual reality, and simulation software, enabling them to visualize and analyze building designs in a digital environment.

Cultural and Social Considerations: Modern building design is explored within the context of cultural and social factors. The book discusses how architects and designers integrate cultural elements, heritage preservation, and community needs into their projects, creating buildings that resonate with the local context.

Future Trends: The textbook anticipates future trends in building design and construction. It explores emerging technologies, architectural innovations, and design philosophies that are expected to shape the future of the industry, providing readers with a forward-looking perspective.

"Modern Building Design: Evidencing Changes in Engineering and Design Practice, Edition 2019" serves as an indispensable resource for architects, engineers, students, and professionals in the construction industry. It offers a comprehensive view of the contemporary building design landscape, equipping readers with the knowledge and inspiration to engage with and contribute to the dynamic evolution of modern architecture and engineering practices.

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