Mechanical Engineering Level 2 NVQ (PDF)

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First published: 2002;
Pages: 461;
Authors: David Salmon and Penny Powdrill;
Publisher: Newnes;
Language: English;


Chapter/Unit references
Introduction for Candidates
Introduction for Trainers
1 Working safely in an engineering environment
2 Developing yourself and working with other people on engineering activities
3 Communicating using engineering drawings
4 Communicating technical information in the workplace
5 Identifying and selecting engineering materials
6 Checking workpieces for accuracy
7 Marking out for engineering activities
8 Fitting using hand skills
9 Machining engineering materials by turning
10 Machining engineering materials by milling
11 Using computer software packages to assist engineering activities
12 Problem solving
Appendix I Millimetres to inch conversions
Appendix II Inch to millimetres conversions
Appendix III Tapping sizes for common threads
Appendix IV Length of chords for various pitch circle diameters
Appendix V Example orthographic drawing (first-angle projection)
Appendix VI Example orthographic drawing (third-angle projection)
Appendix VII Drilling speeds and feeds
Appendix VIII Spindle speeds for turning and milling
Appendix IX Feed rates for milling
Appendix X Reaming allowances
Appendix XI Torque wrench settings
Appendix XII Sample standard forms
Appendix XIII Some useful maths for engineers
Appendix XIV Risk assessment form
Appendix XV Sample accident reporting form
Appendix XVI Work planning sheet

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