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Edition 2018;
Pages: 659;
Author: Robert Jones;
Publisher: Quorto Publishing Group;
Language: English;
Size: 29 Mb;

The "Makeup Masterclass for All Levels" textbook is a comprehensive educational resource designed to teach makeup artistry skills to individuals at various proficiency levels.

It covers:

1. Introduction to Makeup Artistry:
The textbook starts with an introduction to the art and history of makeup, providing context for readers to understand the evolution of makeup techniques and styles.

2. Essential Tools and Products:
A section on makeup tools, brushes, and products is included, explaining their uses and how to select the right tools for different applications. This section also covers skincare products and their importance in makeup application.

3. Basic Makeup Techniques:
For beginners, the textbook covers fundamental techniques such as foundation application, concealing, contouring, highlighting, eyeshadow application, eyeliner techniques, mascara application, and eyebrow shaping.

4. Advanced Makeup Techniques:
For more advanced readers, the textbook delves into intricate techniques such as advanced contouring and highlighting, creating different eyeshadow looks (smoky eye, cut crease, etc.), false lash application, and creative makeup artistry (fantasy makeup, editorial looks, etc.).

5. Special Effects Makeup:
An advanced section covers special effects makeup techniques used in film, television, and theater, including prosthetics, wounds, aging effects, and character makeup.

6. Makeup for Different Occasions:
The textbook includes chapters on makeup looks suitable for various occasions, such as everyday makeup, bridal makeup, evening glamour, and editorial/fashion makeup. Each section discusses the appropriate color schemes, styles, and techniques for different events.

7. Makeup for Different Skin Tones and Types:
A diverse range of skin tones and types should be addressed, providing guidance on selecting makeup shades and products that complement different complexions. Special considerations for sensitive skin and allergies also are discussed.

8. Business and Professional Development:
For readers interested in pursuing a career in makeup artistry, the textbook includes information on building a makeup artistry business, client consultations, marketing, and professional ethics.

9. Step-by-Step Tutorials and Visual Guides:
The textbook features step-by-step tutorials with detailed instructions and visual guides, including photographs or illustrations, to demonstrate each makeup technique. These tutorials help readers follow along and practice their skills.

10. Product Recommendations and Reviews:
The textbook includes recommendations for specific makeup brands and products, explaining their quality, suitability for different skin types, and where to purchase them.

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