LPG - Domestic Including Permanent Dwellings, Leisure Accommodation Vehicles, Residential Park Homes and Small Craft 5th Edition - Revised 2022 (PDF)

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About the book:

Publisher: CORGIDirect

Place of Publication: United Kingdom

Pages: 167

Edition: 2022

Language: English

Size: 60 Mb


1 - Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG)

Introduction 3

Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) - features and benefits 4

Propane and Butane - forms of LPG used commercially 4

2 - Methods of LPG gas supply

Introduction 1 1

Pressure regulation 11

Propane 11

3 - Gas supply - methods of installation

The types of installations you will find 21

Cylinder installation - points to note 21

Safety advice 21

Restricted locations 21

Suitable locations - and protection needed: 23

Cylinder sizing - Propane and Butane 24

Types of cylinder installations 26

Flexible connections, tubing and associated assemblies (LPG) which to use and how to use 29

Changing cylinders - never disconnect where possible source of ignition 32

Bulk storage vessel installation - single dwellings 33

Above ground installations 35

Storage vessel siting requirements -

LAVs and RPHs 39

Buried (underground) installations 40

Storage vessel fittings 41

Warning notices - what you need to do 41

Gas supplies from bulk storage vessel to property 42

Central bulk storage vessel installation - multiple dwellings 47

4 - LAVs and RPHs

Gas installations in Leisure Accommodation

Vehicles (LAVs), Residential Park Homes (RPHs) 53

Introduction 53

Conversion to another gas 54

LAVs and RPHs 54

Construction 55

Gas supply requirements 55

Appliance installation 61

5 - Small craft and other vessels

Introduction 77

Gas supply - two possibilities 77

Shore fed gas supply - when and how to use 78

Onboard gas supply 79

Gas appliances 83

Restricted locations 83

Appliance labeling 84

Appliance installation - what you need to know 84

Additional safety considerations 88

Instructions to be included with the owners manual 89

Emergency procedures 89

6 - General installation details

Appliance location 99

Electrical connections - factors to take into account 100

Ventilation for LAVs and RPHs 104

Ventilation standards 106

Gas dispersal hole 110

RPHs skirts 110

Commissioning and ’onboard’ safety checks for LAVs 111

Leisure Industries Landlord's Gas Safety Record 117

Tightness testing permanent dwellings, caravan holiday homes and residential park homes 118

Tightness testing low pressure service pipework - new and existing installations - using air/ inert gas or LPG 124

Tightness testing new and existing Installation pipework 128

Tightness testing - Installations in small craft 133

Tightness testing with appliances connected to BS EN ISO 10239 138

Purging LPG installations: Dangers - so precautions needed 139

Checking and/ or setting LPG regulations - to maintain correct pressure 140

Operation and checking of gas safety devices and controls (LPG) 143

Safety checks following work undertaken on gas appliances (un-metered gas supplies) 147

Landlord's Gas Safety Records 148

7 - Definitions

Definitions 151

8 - CORGIDirect Publications

Gas -Domestic 157

Gas- Non Domestic 158

Electrical 159

Plumbing 159

Renewables 159

Business 159

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