The City and Guilds Level 3 Advanced Technical Diploma in Hairdressing and Barbering Edition 2018 (PDF)

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Edition: First edition 2016
Reprinted 2018
Pages: 646
Authors: Louise Hockings-Thompson
Publisher: City and Guilds
Language: English

Size: 156Mb

"The City and Guilds Level 3 Advanced Technical Diploma in Hairdressing and Barbering" is a comprehensive educational resource tailored for individuals pursuing an advanced qualification in the fields of hairdressing and barbering. The book is designed to provide in-depth knowledge and practical skills required for learners to become proficient in advanced hairstyling and barbering techniques.

Key features and benefits of the book include:

Advanced Hairstyling: The book covers advanced hairstyling techniques, including intricate updos, creative color applications, hair extensions, and specialized hair treatments.

Barbering Expertise: Learners gains insights into advanced barbering skills, such as precision cutting, fading, sculpting, and grooming.

Men's Grooming: The content focuses on advanced men's grooming, addressing the unique styling and grooming needs of male clients.

Creative Color and Techniques: The book covers advanced coloring techniques, such as balayage, ombre, and creative color placements.

Hair and Scalp Analysis: Learners are taught how to analyze hair and scalp conditions and provide advanced treatments and solutions.

Salon Management: The content includes aspects of salon management, including customer service, team leadership, retailing, and business operations.

Client Consultation and Communication: Emphasis are placed on effective client communication and consultation for advanced hairstyling and barbering services.

Professional Portfolio Building: Learners are encouraged to document their advanced work through a professional portfolio, showcasing their skills and creativity.

Advanced Cutting Techniques: The book includes step-by-step guides to advanced cutting techniques for both hairdressing and barbering.

Texture and Specialized Treatments: Learners explores techniques for creating texture, volume, and movement in hair, as well as advanced treatments for hair health.

Industry Trends: The content highlights current trends and innovations in the fields of hairdressing and barbering.

Photographic and Presentation Skills: Learners receives guidance on how to present their work professionally, including photographic documentation and presentation techniques.

Preparation for Qualification: The content is aligned with the requirements of Level 3 advanced hairdressing and barbering qualifications, preparing learners for assessments and exams.

Career Advancement: By mastering advanced hairstyling and barbering techniques, individuals can position themselves for roles in upscale salons, fashion shows, editorial shoots, and specialized barbering establishments.

In summary, "The City and Guilds Level 3 Advanced Technical Diploma in Hairdressing and Barbering" is a comprehensive resource for learners seeking to achieve advanced expertise in the fields of hairdressing and barbering. Covering a wide range of advanced techniques, business management, and creative skills, this book equips individuals with the tools needed to excel in the dynamic and creative world of hairdressing and barbering.

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