Level 2 Light Vehicle Maintenance and Repair Edition 2018 (PDF)

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Pages: 347 pages
Size: 81 mb
Print Year: 2018 (Last edition).
Publisher: Ashford Colour Press Ltd
Authors: Patrick Hamilton, John Rooks, Bob Sharman
Language: English

The book "Level 2 Light Vehicle Maintenance and Repair, Edition 2018" is a comprehensive educational resource designed for learners studying light vehicle maintenance and repair at the Level 2 qualification. It covers essential knowledge and practical skills required to work in the automotive repair and maintenance industry, specifically focusing on light vehicles such as cars and small vans.

Key features and benefits of the book include:

Fundamentals of Light Vehicle Maintenance: The book covers the basics of light vehicle maintenance, including engine systems, braking systems, suspension, and electrical components.

Practical Hands-on Exercises: It includes practical exercises and step-by-step guides to help learners develop essential skills and gain hands-on experience in vehicle repair.

Safety and Best Practices: The book emphasizes safety protocols and best practices in the automotive workshop to ensure the well-being of technicians and customers.

Diagnostic Techniques: It provides guidance on diagnostic techniques, allowing learners to identify and troubleshoot common vehicle issues effectively.

Updated Information: As of the 2018 edition, the book incorporates the latest advancements and industry standards in light vehicle maintenance and repair.

Accredited Resource: The book is aligned with the requirements and standards of the Level 2 qualification, ensuring its relevance and credibility in the training process.

Career Preparation: By equipping learners with essential automotive skills, the book aims to prepare them for entry-level positions in the automotive repair and maintenance sector.

Formal Qualification: Successful completion of the Level 2 qualification can lead to a formal certification, enhancing learners' employability in the automotive industry.

In summary, "Level 2 Light Vehicle Maintenance and Repair" is a comprehensive resource that provides learners with essential knowledge and practical skills in light vehicle maintenance and repair. It covers vehicle systems, diagnostic techniques, safety practices, and best industry standards. The book aims to prepare learners for entry-level positions in the automotive sector and serves as a valuable guide for their formal Level 2 qualification.

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