Cambridge National Level 1/Level 2 in Sport Studies (J829) Edition 2022 (PDF)

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Publisher: Hodder Education
Author (s): Ross Howitt, Mike Murray
Pages: 498
Edition: 2022
Language: English
Size: 10 Mb


Introduction iv
How to use this book v
R184 Contemporary issues in sport 1
Topic Area 1: Issues which affect participation in sport 3
Topic Area 2: The role of sport in promoting values 22
Topic Area 3: The implications of hosting a major sporting event for a city or county 34
Topic Area 4: The role National Governing Bodies (NGBs) play in the development of their sport 43
Topic Area 5: The use of technology in sport 52
R185 Performance and leadership in sports activities 63
Topic Area 1: Key components of performance 64
Topic Area 2: Applying practice methods to support improvement in a sporting activity 78
Topic Area 3: Organising and planning a sports activity session 85
Topic Area 4: Delivering a sports activity session 105
Topic Area 5: Reviewing your own performance in planning and delivery of a sports activity session 113
R186 Sport and the media 120
Topic Area 1: The different sources of media that cover sport 121
Topic Area 2: Positive effects of the media in sport 132
Topic Area 3: Negative effects of the media in sport 144
R187 Increasing awarenessof outdoor and adventurous activities 157
Topic Area 1: Provision for different types of outdoor and adventurous activities in the UK 159
Topic Area 2: Equipment, clothing and safety aspects of participating in outdoor and adventurous activities 172
Topic Area 3: Plan for and be able to participate in an outdoor and adventurous activity 183
Topic Area 4: Evaluate participation in an outdoor and adventurous activity 193
Glossary 199
Index 206

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