Cambridge National Level 1/Level 2 in Creative iMedia (J834) Edition 2022 (PDF)

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Publisher: Hodder Education
Author (s): Kevin Wells, Sarah McAtominey
Pages: 698
Edition: 2022
Language: English
Size: 8 Mb


Introduction iv
How to use this book vi
Unit R093 Creative iMedia in the media industry 1
Topic area 1 The media industry 2
Topic area 2 Factors influencing product design 10
Topic area 3 Pre-production planning 22
Topic area 4 Distribution considerations 40
Unit R094 Visual identity and digital graphics 50
Topic area 1 Develop visual identity 51
Topic area 2 Plan digital graphics for products 54
Topic area 3 Create visual identity and digital graphics 64
Unit R095 Characters and comics 80
Topic area 1 Plan characters and comics 81
Topic area 2 Create characters and comics 94
Topic area 3 Review characters and comics 102
Unit R096 Animation with audio 108
Topic area 1 Plan animation with audio 109
Topic area 2 Create animation with audio 126
Topic area 3 Review animation with audio 137
Unit R097 Interactive digital media 142
Topic area 1 Plan interactive digital media 143
Topic area 2 Create interactive digital media 161
Topic area 3 Review interactive digital media 168
Unit R098 Visual imaging 173
Topic area 1 Plan visual imaging portfolios 174
Topic area 2 Create visual imaging portfolios 190
Topic area 3 Review visual imaging portfolios 204
Unit R099 Digital games 21 0
Topic area 1 Plan digital games 211
Topic area 2 Create digital games 224
Topic area 3 Review digital games 233
Glossary 240
Acknowledgements 244
Index 245

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