NAPIT Landlords and Electrical Inspectors Guidance for the Private Rented Sector (PRS) Edition 2020 (PDF)

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Edition: 2020
Pages: 144
Authors: NAPIT
Publisher: NAPIT
Language: English
Size: 144 Mb


About the Authors
Section 1 Legal Requirements
What is the new legislation?
Why has it come about?
Which premises, dwellings and installations are covered, and which are exempt?
When is it changing, and what are my obligations?
Section 2 Electrical Installation Safety Checks
What is a safety check?
Work notifiable for Part Pof the Building Regulations in England
Work notifiable for Part Pof the Building Regulations in Wales
Table 2. 1Special Locations, as classified by England's Part P
Table 2.2 Special Locations, as classified by Wales's Part P
Electrical Installation Certificate (EIC)
Minor Electrical Installation WorksCertificate (MEIWCorMWC)  
What is an Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR)?
What will the inspector be looking for
EICRClassification Codes explained  
Inspection Schedule Outcomes explained further  
EICRGuidance for recipients
Breakdown of the EICRby each area
EICRSchedule of Inspections
EICRSchedule of Test Results
When should an EICRbe carried out?
Visual Intermediate Inspections
Fig 2. 11 Routine Operational Visual Inspection (Electrical) (ROVI)form
When do any rectifications need to be carried out?
What are the consequences if improvements are not carried out?
Section 3 Qualified and Competent Person
What is a Qualified and Competent Person?
What are the required skills?
How do I know if someone is competent?
Where can I find a Competent Person?  
Using an unregistered Electrical Inspector
What should I look for if I don't use a CPSregistered Inspector or
Table 3. 1 Landlords Non-CPSregistered Inspector checklist  
Table 3.2 Electrical safety check, EICR risk rating by Inspector type.
Section 4 Carrying out Improvements  
EICR findings
Table 4.1 RequiredImprovements, commonly found in dwellings
Table 4.2 Recommended Improvements, commonly found in dwellings
Using a competent person for remedial work
What to do with the Certificates
Section 5 Record-Keeping and Frequencies
Keeping a record of safety checks (EICRs)
Record findings  
Record repairs
Record maintenance  
Frequency of next inspection  
Increased frequency checks
Risk assessment
Appendix 1 Model Forms
Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR)  
Electrical Installation Certificate (EIC)  
Minor Electrical Installation Works Certificate (MEIWC) or (MWC)  
Landlords Electrical Installation Safety Record (LEISR)
Routine Operational Visual Inspection (ROVI)  
Appendix 2 ROVI Guidance and Check Sheet
ROVI Guidance and Check Sheet  

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