JCT Contract Administration Pocket Book Edition 2021 (PDF)

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Eighth Edition 2021
Pages: 249
Authors: Andy Atkinson
Publisher: Routledge
Language: English
Size: 2 Mb

The "JCT Contract Administration Pocket Book, Edition 2021" is a specialized reference guide tailored for construction professionals, particularly those involved in contract administration. This pocket-sized handbook is specifically designed to provide quick access to essential information related to Joint Contracts Tribunal (JCT) contracts.

Here's what you can expect from this textbook:

Understanding JCT Contracts: The pocket book provides a concise overview of JCT contracts, including key terms, clauses, and procedures. It helps construction professionals understand the specifics of JCT contracts, which are widely used in the construction industry for various types of projects.

Contract Administration Procedures: The handbook outlines contract administration procedures, including roles and responsibilities of the parties involved, contract management processes, payment mechanisms, variations, claims, and dispute resolution methods. It offers practical guidance on how to effectively administer a construction contract following JCT standards.

Quick Reference to Clauses: The pocket book includes summaries of important contract clauses commonly found in JCT contracts. It provides explanations and interpretations of these clauses, helping professionals understand their implications and applications in real-world construction projects.

Payment and Valuation: Detailed information on payment procedures, interim valuations, final accounts, and certifications. The book covers the calculation methods, documentation requirements, and the timeline for payment processes, allowing professionals to manage financial aspects of the contract efficiently.

Variations and Changes: Guidance on handling variations and changes to the contract, including the process of issuing instructions, assessing cost implications, and documenting changes. It helps professionals navigate the complexities of contract variations, ensuring that changes are properly managed and documented.

Claims and Disputes: The handbook addresses common types of claims that may arise during a construction project, offering insights into the preparation, submission, and assessment of claims. It also provides information on dispute resolution methods, including adjudication, arbitration, and litigation, guiding professionals on how to handle disputes effectively.

Legal and Ethical Considerations: Information on legal and ethical considerations related to contract administration, including compliance with contractual obligations, professional ethics, and legal obligations. The book helps professionals maintain ethical practices and avoid legal pitfalls during contract administration.

Visual Aids and Examples: The pocket book includes diagrams, flowcharts, and examples to enhance understanding. Visual aids illustrate complex processes, making it easier for professionals to grasp concepts and apply them in their work.

Up-to-Date Information: Being the 2021 edition, the pocket book incorporates the latest revisions, updates, and amendments to JCT contracts. It ensures that professionals have access to the most current information and guidelines when administering construction contracts.

The "JCT Contract Administration Pocket Book, Edition 2021" serves as a valuable quick reference guide for construction professionals, project managers, quantity surveyors, and architects involved in contract administration processes. Its portable format and focused content make it an essential tool for professionals working with JCT contracts, allowing them to navigate contract administration tasks effectively and ensure the smooth progress of construction projects.

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