IET Guide to Cables and Cable Management Edition 2020 (PDF)

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Pages: 189
Edition: 2020
Publisher: IET
Author: IET
Language: English

Size: 98 Mb


1 Introduction
The evolution of cables and commonly encountered cable types
Statutory legislation
HSE Approved Codes of Practice
Standards, non-statutory regulations and guidance

2 Electrical installation design
Design sequence

3 Cable Selection
Cable construction
Cable types
Insulation and sheathing materials
Voltage ratings
Cable marking
Fixed and flexible cable installations
Busbar systems
Cable codes
Mechanical performance
DC wiring systems
Energy efficiency

4 Joints, terminations and connections
Regulatory requirements of the EAWR and non-statutory requirements of BS 7671
Cable terminations, connectors, joints and accessories
Good installation practice

5 Cable fire performance
Fire risk and cable requirements
Reaction to fire
Fire performance, class and the CPR
Declaration of performance and labeling
Cable class
Resistance to fire (circuit integrity)
Fire alarm circuits
Wiring systems

6 Telecommunications cables
Telecommunications cabling technologies
Hertz and bits
Metallic telephony cables
Data cables
Construction of coaxial, twin-axial and trivial cables
Screening materials
Skin effect
Optical fibre cable

7 Specialist cables
Industrial control and building management cables
High-temperature cable
Overhead connections
Electric vehicle charging
Welding cables

8 Cable management systems (CMS)
Cable management and containment
CMS types
Environmental parameters
External influences
Wiring system fixing and fittings
Modular wiring systems
Conduit and trunking cable capacities
Mechanical performance
Ingress protection (IP) rating
Cable systems: installation

9. Standard or pre-designed circuits
Cable installation methods
Grouping of circuit cables
Thermal insulation
Ambient temperature
Floors and ceilings
Impact protection
Installation of cable on cable tray or ladder
Packaging, storage and handling

10 Substandard and counterfeit cables
Appendix A
Abbreviations and Glossary
Further reading and useful information

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