Handbook of Portable Appliance Testing Edition 2022 (PDF)

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About the book:

Publisher: First Stop Safety
Author: Seggy T Segaran
Place of Publication: United Kingdom
Pages: 131
Edition: 2022
Language: English
Size: 54 Mb

All references in this text to the IET Wiring Regulations or the Regulation(s), where not otherwise specifically
identified, shall be taken to refer to BS 7671:2018 Requirements for Electrical Installations, as amended by
Amendment 1:2020 and Amendment 2:2022.


Chapter 1 Why do we have to PAT Test?
Chapter 2 Health & Safety Executive Guidelines
Chapter 3 Getting ready
Chapter 4 Class of equipment
Chapter 5 Types of electrical appliances
Chapters Work environments
Chapter 7 How often do you maintain equipment?
Doing the Work
Chapter 8 Test records and labels
Chapter 9 User Checks
Chapter 10 Formal Visual Inspection
Chapter 11 Fuses
Chapter 12 Testing
Pat Testing: Technical Information
Chapter 13 Earth Continuity test
Chapter 14 Insulation Resistance test
Chapter 15 Earth Leakage test
Chapter 16 Other tests
Chapter 17 PAT Testers
Test Examples
Test Examples 1: Electric kettles and other kitchen appliances
Test Examples 2: Electric fans and heaters
Test Examples 3: Lamps and other household appliances
Test Examples 4: Microwave ovens
Test Examples 5: Power-tools and other workshop appliances
Test Examples 6: Desktop PCs, laptops, monitors and office IT equipment
Test Examples 7: IEC leads and mains extensions
Test Examples 8: Residual Current Devices (RCDs)
Test Examples 9: 110V transformers, appliances and extensions
Test Examples 10: 3-phase appliances and extensions
Test Examples 11: Useful PAT Testing adaptors
Appendix 1: Basic electrical theory
Appendix 2: Wiring plugs
Appendix 3: Cable types
Appendix 4: Electrical Installation and earthing
Appendix 5: Electric shock
Appendix 6: Selling second-hand appliances
Appendix 7: Changes In Edition 5 of IET Code of Practice

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