Growth Mindset Every child a learner for the IB PYP, Edition 2020 (PDF)

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About the book

First edition 2020;

Pages: 569;

Author(s): Katherine Muncaster and Shirley Clarke

Publisher: Hodder Education;

Language: English;

Size: 9 Mb;


Introduction by Shirley Clarke

Introduction by Katherine Muncaster

How to use this book

IB Mindsets assemblies

1 Stumbling – the learning journey

2 Learning from our mistakes

3 The Dot (from small beginnings …)

Chapter 1 Lessons for 4–5-year-olds

Lesson 1 Help! I’m stuck!

Lesson 2 Everyone can learn to ride a bicycle

Lesson 3 Incy Wincy Spider

Lesson 4 Clever sticks

Lesson 5 Toppling towers

Lesson 6 Rooting for You

Chapter 2 Lessons for 5–6-year-olds

Lesson 1 I give up!

Lesson 2 Strictly can’t dance

Lesson 3 Grow, grow, grow your brain

Lesson 4 Soaking up the learning

Lesson 5 Super snails 1: The power of perseverance

Lesson 6 Super snails 2: Setting challenges

Chapter 3 Lessons for 6–7-year-olds

Lesson 1 Playing teacher

Lesson 2 ‘Oh no! I’ve made a mistake!’

Lesson 3 ‘Girls can’t do that!’ Dream big!

Lesson 4 Super effort

Lesson 5 Challenge mountains

Lesson 6 Ding ding! How much effort?

Chapter 4 Lessons for 7–8-year-olds

Lesson 1 On the high wire

Lesson 2 Firing neurons

Lesson 3 Born to be …

Lesson 4 Mistakes that worked

Lesson 5 Challenge mountains

Lesson 6 Never give up!

Chapter 5 Lessons for 8–9-year-olds

Lesson 1 From failure to success

Lesson 2 Bounce!

Lesson 3 Doom words

Lesson 4 Mindset trumps

Lesson 5 Fantastic elastic brain

Lesson 6 Learning cereals

Chapter 6 Lessons for 9–10-year-olds

Lesson 1 Passport to learning

Lesson 2 Too old to …

Lesson 3 What makes a great teacher?

Lesson 4 Brain power!

Lesson 5 Famous failures

Lesson 6 The iceberg illusion

Chapter 7 Lessons for 10–11-year-olds

Lesson 1 ‘Don’t say … Say …’

Lesson 2 Diamond minds

Lesson 3 Barriers to learning

Lesson 4 Brain vs. calculator

Lesson 5 Mathematical mistakes

Lesson 6 Learning pathways

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