Estimating and Tendering for Construction Work, Edition 2017 (PDF)

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Edition: 2017
Pages: 358
Author(s): Martin Brook
Publisher: Routledge
Language: English
Size: 15 Mb

The book "Estimating and Tendering for Construction Work" is a comprehensive guide that focuses on the process of estimating construction costs and preparing tenders for construction projects in the United Kingdom. Estimating and tendering are critical aspects of the construction industry, as they determine the financial viability and competitiveness of a construction project.

Key topics that could be covered in the book include:

Construction Cost Estimation: Explanation of the principles and methodologies used in estimating construction costs, including material costs, labor costs, equipment costs, and overhead expenses.

Quantity Takeoff: Guidance on how to perform quantity takeoffs, which involves measuring and quantifying the materials and resources required for a construction project.

Pricing Strategies: Information on various pricing strategies used in the construction industry, such as lump sum contracts, cost-plus contracts, and unit price contracts.

Tendering Process: Overview of the tendering process, including how to prepare and submit competitive bids for construction projects.

Profit Margins and Markups: Explanation of how to calculate appropriate profit margins and markups to ensure a profitable construction project.

Risk Assessment: Consideration of risk factors in estimating and tendering, including contingencies and allowances for unforeseen events.

Construction Contract Documents: Familiarization with the various documents involved in the tendering process, such as bid documents, contract agreements, and specifications.

Legal and Ethical Considerations: Discussion on the legal and ethical aspects of tendering, including compliance with regulations and anti-corruption practices.

Benefits of "Estimating and Tendering for Construction Work" include:

Comprehensive Coverage: The book offers a comprehensive overview of estimating and tendering processes, making it a valuable resource for construction professionals, contractors, estimators, and quantity surveyors.

Updated Information: As of its edition in 2017, the book incorporates the latest industry practices and methodologies related to estimating and tendering in the construction sector.

Practical Application: The book includes practical examples, case studies, and real-world scenarios to illustrate how estimating and tendering principles are applied in actual construction projects.

Cost Accuracy: Understanding estimation techniques can lead to more accurate cost projections, reducing the risk of cost overruns during construction.

Competitive Advantage: Knowledge of effective tendering strategies can help construction firms submit competitive bids, increasing their chances of winning contracts.

Professional Development: The book can contribute to the professional development of construction estimators and tendering professionals, enhancing their skills and expertise.

Contractual Awareness: Familiarity with the tendering process and contract documents helps construction professionals navigate contractual obligations effectively.

Improved Project Management: Accurate estimating and competitive tendering lead to well-managed construction projects with optimized resource allocation.

In summary, "Estimating and Tendering for Construction Work" is a comprehensive guide that provides valuable insights into the process of estimating construction costs and preparing competitive tenders for construction projects. It offers comprehensive coverage, updated information, practical application, cost accuracy benefits, competitive advantage support, professional development opportunities, contractual awareness, and improved project management potential. The book is an essential reference for construction professionals involved in estimating and tendering, providing them with the knowledge and skills to successfully navigate the financial aspects of construction projects in the UK.

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