The City and Guilds Entry 3-Level 1 VRQ in Hairdressing and Beauty Therapy (PDF)

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Edition: First edition 2012
Reprinted 2019
Pages: 527
Authors: Louise Hemmings and John Armstrong
Publisher: City and Guilds
Language: English

Size: 185 Mb

The book "The City and Guilds Entry 3-Level 1 VRQ in Hairdressing and Beauty Therapy" is a comprehensive resource designed to provide foundational knowledge and practical skills for individuals pursuing a career in the fields of hairdressing and beauty therapy. It is specifically tailored to individuals at the Entry 3 to Level 1 qualification levels.

Key features and benefits of the book include:

Foundational Learning: The book covers the fundamental concepts, techniques, and practices in both hairdressing and beauty therapy, making it suitable for beginners or those starting their journey in these industries.

Comprehensive Coverage: The content encompasses a wide range of topics, including hair cutting, styling, coloring, skin care, makeup application, nail care, and more.

Step-by-Step Instructions: The book provides clear step-by-step instructions, photographs, and diagrams to guide learners through various procedures and techniques.

Hands-on Practice: Practical activities and exercises are included to encourage hands-on practice and skill development in hairdressing and beauty therapy.

Safety and Hygiene: The book emphasizes the importance of maintaining hygiene standards and following safety protocols within the salon or beauty therapy setting.

Client Communication: Learners are guided on effective client communication, consultation techniques, and building rapport with clients.

Industry Relevance: The content is aligned with industry standards and practices, preparing learners for real-world scenarios they may encounter in the hairdressing and beauty therapy sectors.

Portfolio Building: The book assists learners in creating a portfolio of their work, showcasing their practical skills and expertise to potential employers or clients.

Career Entry: By mastering the foundational skills covered in the book, individuals can enter the hairdressing and beauty therapy industries with confidence and competence.

Progression: The book serves as a starting point for learners who plan to further their education and training in hairdressing, beauty therapy, or related fields.

In summary, "The City and Guilds Entry 3-Level 1 VRQ in Hairdressing and Beauty Therapy" is a comprehensive guide that provides foundational knowledge and practical skills for individuals interested in pursuing careers in hairdressing and beauty therapy. The book covers essential techniques, safety protocols, industry standards, and communication skills, offering learners a solid foundation upon which to build their expertise and embark on a rewarding career in these dynamic industries.

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Bought it for college. All fine.
I bought for my son for college. A very good book!
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