Electricians On-Site Companion Edition 2018 (PDF)

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Pages: 170 pages
Size: 62 MB
Publisher: Routledge
Author (s): Christopher Kitcher
Language: English
Date of Publication: 2018

The book "Electricians On-Site Companion, Edition 2018" is a handy and practical reference guide designed specifically for electricians working on-site in the UK. It aims to provide quick access to essential information, guidelines, and calculations that electricians frequently need while performing electrical installations, maintenance, and repairs in various settings.

Key features and topics that are likely covered in the book include:

Electrical Regulations: The book is updated with the latest electrical regulations and standards, such as the 18th Edition of the IET Wiring Regulations (BS 7671:2018), providing electricians with current compliance requirements.

Electrical Calculations: It contains common electrical calculations, such as cable sizing, voltage drop, and earth fault loop impedance, allowing electricians to quickly determine the appropriate parameters for a given installation.

Wiring Systems: Information on different wiring systems, cable types, and their applications, helping electricians select suitable materials and methods for specific projects.

Electrical Symbols and Diagrams: A reference guide to electrical symbols and diagrams, enabling electricians to interpret and create wiring diagrams efficiently.

Testing and Inspection: Guidelines on conducting electrical testing and inspection procedures to ensure the safety and functionality of electrical installations.

Safety Precautions: The book includes safety precautions and guidelines to help electricians maintain a safe working environment and prevent accidents.

Electrical Components and Equipment: Information on electrical components, equipment, and their uses in various electrical installations.

Benefits of "Electricians On-Site Companion" include:

Quick Access to Information: The book serves as a quick and accessible reference, allowing electricians to find the information they need promptly without the need for extensive research.

Time-Saving: Having essential electrical calculations and guidelines at hand saves time during installations and troubleshooting tasks.

Compliance with Regulations: By using the latest electrical regulations and standards, electricians can ensure compliance with safety and legal requirements.

Enhanced Efficiency: The on-site companion enables electricians to work efficiently, reducing the risk of errors and rework.

Improved Safety: The book includes safety guidelines, helping electricians maintain safe practices and reduce the risk of accidents.

Adaptability: The book's information can be applied across various electrical projects, making it useful in different on-site scenarios.

Confidence and Professionalism: Electricians can approach their work with greater confidence, knowing they have reliable information at their fingertips, thereby enhancing their professionalism.

In summary, "Electricians On-Site Companion" is a convenient and practical reference guide for electricians working on-site in the UK. It provides quick access to essential electrical information, calculations, regulations, and safety guidelines, enhancing efficiency, ensuring compliance, and promoting safe working practices. The book is a valuable tool for electricians seeking to deliver high-quality and reliable electrical services in diverse on-site settings.

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