Electricians On-Site Companion Edition 2018 (PDF)

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Pages: 170 pages
Size: 62 MB
Publisher: Routledge
Author (s): Christopher Kitcher
Language: English
Date of Publication: 2018


1 Design considerations
Characteristics of the supply that is available 4
Nature of deirand 4
External influences/environmental conditions 5
Electromagnetic influences 10
Utilization 11
Construction of buildings 12
2 Types of supply system and earthing arrangements
TT supply system 17
TN-S supply system 19
TN-C-S supply system 20
Earthling 22
3 Earth electrodes
Earth electrodes 23
Circuit protective conductors 24
Selecting the correct size of circuit protective conductor 30
4 Protective bonding
5 Diversity
Calculating the diversity of a cooker 38
Diversity on complete installations 39
6 Cable calculation
Earth fault loop impedance 46
Twin and earth 70°C thermoplastic FVC cable 48
7 Socket outlet circuits
Ring al circuits 51
Adding an outlet to an existing ring 53
Radial circuits for socket outlets 55
Fused connection units 56
8 Safe isolation
Equipment required 58
Single-phase isolation 60
Three-phase isolation 63
9 Isolation and switching
Origin 65
Distribution boards and consumer units 66
Circuit breakers 66
Motors 66
Functional switching 67
Isolation 68
Switching off for mechanical maintenance 69
Emergency switching 70
Firelighters' switch 71
10 Periodic inspection volt drop
11 Installing an electric shower
12 Two-way and intermediate switching
Intermediate switching 89
13 Fault finding in central heating
Room thermostats 92
Programmable TOOWZ stats 94
Cylinder thermostats 94
Unvented cylinder 95
Heating circulation pump 97
Motorized valves 102
Two~port valve 102
Three-port diverter valve 107
Three-port mid-position valve 107
14 Electrical installation fault finding
Ring final circuit 109
Interpretation of ring final test results 110
RCD tripping 113
Insulation resistance 114
Identifying a lost switch line on a three-plate lighting circuit 115
Immersion heater not working 116
Changing/replacing an irnrnersion heater 120
15 Changing an immersion heater
Unvented cylinder 127
16 RCD tripping faults 130
RCBO trips and will not reset 133
Power circuit 133
Lighting circuit 135
17 Electric motors
Polarization testing of electric motors 141
18 Use of RCDs
Testing of RCDs 147
Insulation resistance tests 148
Earth fault loop impedance tests with RCDs 148
19 Calculating the maximum Zs
Fuses 154
RCBOs 154
20 Fire protection 156
Fire protection in dwellings 157
Escape routes159

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