IET Guidance Note 6 Protection Against Overcurrent 8th Edition 2019 (PDF)

IET Guidance Note 6 Protection Against Overcurrent 8th Edition 2019 (PDF)
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About the book

Eighth edition 2019 (incorporating BS 7671:2018)
Pages: 112
Publisher: IET
Language: English;
Size: 145 Mb;
ISBN: 9781785614620


Chapter I The regulations concerning protection against overcurrent
Nature of overcurrent and protection
Statutory requirements
Omission of protection
Protective devices
Duration of overcurrent
Coordination and Selectivity
Chapter 2 Protection against overload
Load assessment
Selection of protective device
Selection of conductor cross-sectional area with overload protection
Omission of protection against overload
Grouping of cables
Avoidance of unintentional operation of circuit-breakers
Current ratings of low voltage assemblies (switchboards, panel boards, distribution boards, etc.)
Cables for star-delta starters
Cables in parallel
Ring final circuits
Load assessment
Mineral insulated cables and ring final circuits
Chapter 3 Protection against fault current
Types of fault to be considered
Nature of damage and installation precautions
Fault impedance and breaking capacity of protective device
Short-circuit rating of low voltage assemblies (switchboards, panel boards, distribution boards, etc.)
Position of fault current protection and assessment of
prospective current
Omission of fault current protection
The use of one device for both overload and fault current protection
Embedded generation
Chapter 4 Determination of fault current
Determination of fault current by inquiry
Measurement of fault current
Calculation of fault current
Embedded generation
Chapter 5 Equations for the calculation of short-circuit current
General equation for fault current
Single-phase, line to neutral fault
Conductor temperature and resistance
Single-phase circuits
Line-to-line short-circuit
Three-phase short-circuit
Chapter 6 Equations for the calculation of earth fault current
TN-S and TN-C-S systems
Cable enclosure used as a protective conductor
TT system
Chapter 1 Selection of conductor size
Overload and short~circuit protection by a single device
Earth fault current
Parallel cables
Energy let-through characteristics
Duration of short-circuit current
Status of adiabatic equations
Alternative values of k
Appendix 4 of BS 7671
Appendix A Calculation of reactance
A1 General
A2 Line to neutral, single-phase faults
A3 Line-to-line, single-phase, short-circuit
A4 Three-phase short-circuit
A5 Earth faults
Appendix B Calculation of k for other temperatures 101
B1 Adiabatic equation

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