IET Guidance Note 5 Protection Against Electric Shock 8th Edition 2019 (PDF)

IET Guidance Note 5 Protection Against Electric Shock 8th Edition 2019 (PDF)
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About the book

8th Edition 2019 (incorporating BS 7671:2018)
Pages: 138
Publisher: IET
Language: English;
Size: 145 Mb;
ISBN: 9781785614590


Chapter 1 Statutory Regulations and The Wiring Regulations
1.1 Statutory Regulations
1.2 The Electricity at Work Regulations T989 as amended
1.3 The Electricity Safety, Quality and Continuity Regulations 2002
1.4 The Building Regulations
1.5 The Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015
Chapter 2 Electric shock and protective measures
2.1 Electric shock
2.2 Physiology of electric shock
2.3 Protective provisions and protective measures
Chapter 3 Provisions for basic protection
3.1 Introduction
3.2 Insulation
3.3 Barriers or enclosures
Chapter 4 Automatic disconnection of supply
4.1 The protective provisions
4.2 Definitions
4.3 Automatic disconnection of supply
4.4 TN system, requirements for disconnection
4.5 TT system, requirements for disconnection
4.6 IT systems
4.7 Functional extra-low voltage (FELV)
4.8 Reduced low voltage systems
4.9 Additional protection by residual current devices
4.10 Additional protection where automatic disconnection times cannot be achieved
4.11 Where automatic disconnection is not required for shock protection
4.12 Highway power supplies
Chapter 5 Double or reinforced insulation
5.1 The protective provisions
5.2 Effective supervision of installations and circuits
5.3 Circuit protective conductors
5.4 Equipment marking
5.5 Wiring systems
Chapter 6 Electrical separation
6.1 The protective provisions
6.2 Electrical separation applied to one item of equipment
6.3 Electrical separation for the supply to more than one item of current-using equipment
Chapter 7 Extra-low voltage provided by SELV or PELV
7.1 The protective provisions
7.2 ELV systems
7.3 SELV (separated extra-low voltage)
7.4 PELV (protective extra-lovv voltage)
7.5 Calculation of loop impedance in PELV (and FELV) circuits
7.6 SELV and PELV requirements in Part 7 of BS 7671
Chapter 8 Additional protection
8.1 The protective provisions
8.2 Additional protection by residual current devices (RaDs)
8.3 Additional protection by supplementary equipotential bonding
Chapter 9 Obstacles and placing out of reach
9.1 Scope of application
9.2 The protective provisions
9.3 Definitions
9.4 Obstacles
9.5 Placing out of reach
Chapter 10 Protective measures for application only where the installation is controlled or under the supervision of skilled or instructed persons
10.1 Protective measures and provisions
10.2 Non-conducting location
10.3 Earth-free local equipotential bonding
10.4 Electrical separation for the supply to more than one item of current-using equipment
Chapter 11 Earthing
11.1 Earthing systems
11.2 HV supplies
11.3 Earth electrodes
11.4 Earthing conductor
11.5 Main earthing terminal or bar
11.6 Functional earthing
Chapter 12 Circuit protective conductors 79
12.1 Introduction
12.2 Sizing of circuit protective conductors
12.3 Provision of circuit protective conductors
12.4 High protective conductor currents
Chapter 13 Protective equipotential bonding 87
13.1 Introduction
13.2 Main protective equipotential bonding
13.3 Supplementary equipotential bonding
13.4 Example of supplementary bonding
13.5 Extraneous-conductive-parts
Chapter 14 Protective multiple earthing
14.1 Introduction
14.2 Supply system
14.3 Potential difference within buildings
14.4 Potential difference outside buildings
14.5 Additional earth electrode for PME supplies
14.6 Special locations
Chapter 15 Special installations or locations 107
15.1 The increased risks
15.2 Regulation numbering
15.3 Supplementary and modified requirements
Chapter 16 Cables installed in walls, floors, ceilings and partitions
16.1 A cable installed under a floor or above a ceiling
16.2 A cable installed in a wall or partition
16.3 A cable installed in a wall or partition with metal parts
Appendix A Maximum permissible measured earth fault loop impedance
Appendix B Resistance of copper and aluminum conductors

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