Code of Practice In-service Inspection and Testing of Electrical Equipment 5th Edition 2020 (PDF)

Code of Practice In-service Inspection and Testing of Electrical Equipment 5th Edition 2020 (PDF)
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About the book

5th edition 2020
Pages: 136
Author: J.Eade BEng (Hons) CEng MIET
Publisher: IET
Language: English;
Size: 82 Mb


Co-operating Organizations
1 Introduction
The electrical installation
Domestic; properties
Medical equipment
Summary of the objectives of this Code of Practice
2 Definitions
Legal requirements
The legislation
4 Equipment scope and the need for maintenance
Equipment covered by this Code of Practice
The electrical installation
Programmed maintenance and periodic inspections
Examples of equipment out of scope of this Code of Practice
Observations on the electrical installation
In-service inspection and testing procedures
5 Training and competence
The user
The inspector
The test operative
The dutyholder or manager
The person repairing faulty equipment
6 Equipment classifications
Earthed exposed metalwork; Class I
Double or reinforced insulation: Class II
lnlormation, communication and technology equipment (ITE) Class II FE
Electrical separation
Energy Source Class 1 (ES1)
Other classes Class 0 and Class OI
Equipment classification summary
7 User checks
8 Formal visual inspection
Manufacturers' instructions
Suitability of the equipment for the environment
Switching and isolation of equipment
User feedback
The equipment
Equipment failing the formal visual inspection
Recording the formal visual inspection
Inspecting hand-held equipment
Inspection of fixed equipment
9 Test instruments
Safety of test equipment
Dedicated equipment testing instruments
Continuity testing
Insulation resistance testing
RCD test instruments
Instrument verification
10 Electrical tests
Preliminary inspection
Test procedures
In-service tests
The protective conductor continuity test
The insulation resistance test
Protective conductor and touch current measurements
Functional checks
Damaged or faulty equipment
Equipment lead sets and extension leads
Testing RCDs
High protective conductor currents
Replacement of equipment flexes
BS 1363 plugs and BS 1362 fuses
Equipment that cannot be located
11 The frequency of in-service inspection and testing
Risk assessment
Defined risk environments
Review of frequency of inspection and testing
12 Reporting and record-keeping
Damaged or faulty equipment
User responsibilities
13 New and third-party equipment
New equipment and appliances
Second-hand equipment
Hired equipment
Counterfeit equipment
Product recalls
Appendix 1 British Standards
Appendix 2 IP and IK Codes
Appendix 3 Changes to electrical safety terminology and classifications
Background to the changes to SELV
Current standards
Appendix 4 Model forms
Equipment register
Equipment formal visual inspection and combined inspection and test record
Instrument test record
Appendix 5 Resistances of flexible cables
Appendix 6 User checks and formal visual inspection
Appendix 7 Equipment racks and bays
New installations
Inspection and testing
Frequency of maintenance activities
Appendix 8 Electrical units and calculations relating to the inspection and testing of electrical equipment

Ohm's law
Electrical unit multiples and sub-multiples
Appendix 9 Example risk assessments

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