Code of Practice Electric Vehicle Charging Equipment Installation 4th Edition 2020 (PDF)

Code of Practice Electric Vehicle Charging Equipment Installation 4th Edition 2020 (PDF)
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About the book

4th Edition 2020
Pages: 189
Publisher: The Institution of Engineering and Technology
Language: English;
ISBN: 9781839531811


1 Scope
2 Overview of EV charging equipment
3 Arrangements prior to installation commencement
4 Physical installation requirements
5 Electrical requirements - General
6 Electrical requirements - Dwelling installations
7 Electrical requirements - On-street installations
8 Electrical requirements - Commercial and industrial installations
9 Inspection, testing and maintenance requirements
10 Vehicle as storage
11 Distribution network operator (DNO) notification
12 Integration and smart infrastructure
Annex A - Charging connectors and charging cable types
Annex B - Checklists for dwelling installations
Annex C - Checklists for on-street installations
Annex D - Checklists for commercial and industrial installations
Annex E - Checklists for fuel filling station installations
Annex F - Wireless power transfer (WPT) installations
Annex G - Installing an earth electrode system to enable use of a PME supply earth, in accordance with Regulation 122.411.4.1 (ii) of BS 7671
Annex H - Separation of earth electrode zones where TT is used, and installation of electrodes
Annex I - Determining a suitable location and voltage tripping threshold for a measurement earth electrode if used for compliance with Regulation 122.411.4.1 (iii) of BS 7671
Annex J - A rule of thumb for three-phase system balance in accordance with Regulation 722.411.4.1 (i) of BS 7671
Annex K - Supply and earthing arrangements for Mode 4 DC EVSE
Annex L - Requirements for Electrical Installations BS 7671:2018 Amendment 1:2020
Annex M - Glossary
Annex N - Figures and Tables
Annex 0 - References

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