Periodic Inspection, Testing and Condition Reporting of Electrical Installation Workbook. Exam preparation and complete mock papers with questions answered (PDF)

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Place of Publication: United Kingdom;
Pages: 117 pages;
Size: 3 Mb;
Publisher: The City and Guilds;
Language: English;
First Published: 2019;


Part 1 Introduction
Who is the course for?
BS 7671 Requirements for Electrical Installations
How is the written paper assessed?
Part 2 Preparation
The exam room
The invigilator
Physical preparation
Mental Preparation
Part 3 Revision
Chief examiners reports
City & Guilds’ expectations
Part 4 Sitting the exam
Your approach
Reading the question
Drawing diagrams
Finishing and reviewing
The question paper
Human senses
IP ratings
Supply characteristics
Part 5 Required prior information, extent, limitations and sampling
Required prior information
Protection for safety
Arrangement of live conductors and type of earthing
Part 6 Safe isolation procedure and classification codes
Safe isolation procedure
Classification codes
Part 7 Practice paper 1
Section A
Section B
Part 8 Practice paper 2
Section A
Section B
Part 9 Answers and reference
Practice paper 1
Practice paper 2
Part 10 Appendices
Appendix 1 Maths revision
R1 & R2
Insulation resistance — parallel resistances
Confirming measured ZS results
Standard thermoplastic (pvc) circuits, as listed in Appendix 2 of the OSG or Appendix B of GN3
Verification of volt drop
Appendix 2 Example of a Chief Examiner’s report

Tags: Periodic Inspection, Testing and Condition, Electrical Installation Workbook

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