Electrical Installation Calculations-Advanced 9th Edition 2022 (PDF)

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About the book:

Publisher: Routledge
Author: Christopher Kitcher and A.J. Watkins
Place of Publication: United Kingdom
Pages: 239
Edition: 2022
Language: English
Size: 2 Mb


Preface ix
1 Use of Calculators 1
2 Simple Transposition of Formulae 3
3 SI Units 5
SI derived units 6
SI unit prefixes 7
4 Conductor Colour Identification 9
5 Alternating Current Circuit Calculations 11
Impedance 11
Inductive reactance 15
Capacitive reactance 18
Impedance in series circuits 22
Impedance triangles and power triangles 30
6 Waveform and Phasor Representation of Alternating
Currents and Voltages 51
Alternating e.m.f. and current 51
Phasors 56
7 Parallel Circuits Involving Resistance, Inductance
and Capacitance 63
8 Power-Factor Improvement 73
Calculation without p.f. correction 76
Calculation with p.f. correction 76
9 Three-Phase Circuit Calculations 81
Star-connected motors 81
Delta-connected connected motors (mesh) 83
Resistance and inductance in three-phase circuits 85
Three-phase circuits 89
Three-phase power 92
Voltage drop in three-phase circuits 97
10 Voltmeters and Ammeters: Changing the Use and
Extending the Range 111
Voltmeters 111
Ammeters 112
11 Alternating Current Motors 117
12 Application of Diversity Factors 125
13 Cable Selection 131
Earthing conductor calculation 131
Voltage-drop calculations and cable-selection calculations 136
Designing ring final circuits 150
Earth-leakage protection calculations 151
Supplementary equipotential-bonding calculation 156
14 Lighting Calculations 159
Lighting units and quantities 159
Lighting calculations using inverse square law 159
Lighting calculations using the cosine law 161
15 Mechanics 167
Moment of force 167
Torque 167
Power 168
Surface speed, pulley diameter and speed ratios 170
16 Miscellaneous Examples 177
D.c. generators 177
D.c. motors 178
Alternators and synchronous motors 179
Induction motors 180
Insulation resistance 181
17 Photovoltaic Calculations 1 8 5
18 Formulae 189
Three-phase calculations 191
Pythagoras-type calculations 192
Synchronous speed and slip calculations 192
Calculations associated with cable selection 193
19 Glossary 195
20 Answers to Exercises 199
21 General Questions and Answers 213
22 Additional Questions and Answers 221

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