Early Years for Levels 4 and 5 and the Foundation Degree (PDF)

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First Published 2012;
Pages: 462;
Editor: Francisco Viole;
Publisher: Hodder Education;
Language: English;
Size: 10 Mb;


1 Study skills for higher education Louise Dryden
Transition into higher education
Academic writing
Preparing for seminars and presentations
2 Becoming 0 reflective practitioner - Lyn Trodd
Being a reflective practitioner
Becoming a reflective practitioner
Portfolio building
Belonging and reflective practice
3 Listening to young children - Alison McLeod
Why should we listen to children?
The voice of the child through history
Barriers to hearing Children's voices
Knowledge, skills and values for listening to children
Best practice in listening to young children
4 Traditions, influences and trends in early years education and care - Undo Pound
The traditions of early childhood care and education
Children and childhood
Policy and legislation
International perspectives and influences
Tensions and trends
5 The early years curriculum and pedagogical strategies Ta support learning and
development tor child ren - Francisca Veole with contributions from Joy Scadden
What is a curriculum?
Historical roots of the early years curriculum
The reformed EYFS curriculum 2012
How children learn - the child in context
The role of the pedagogue in supporting children's learning and development.
School readiness
Involving the family and the home learning, environment
The use of information and communication technology in early years
Creative ways and approaches to learning in early years
Monitoring quality in early years through assessment of teaching and learning. .
The role of Ofsted
Reflective practice and supervision in early years
6 Working with babies (birth to 12 months) - Tracy Rydin-Orwin
Infancy and early atonement
Categories of attachment
Parenting styles and attachment
Brain development in infant years
Stimulating the senses and the role of adults
7 Children's personal, social and emotional development-Kathy Brodie
Personal development
Social development
Emotional development
'Key person' role
Multiple intelligences
Emotional intelligence
Factors that may affect personal, social and emotional development
8 Physical development - Penny Greenland
Feelings about children's physicality
Learning from theory
Learning more about movement
New emphasis on health
Reviewing provision
9 Indoor and outdoor ploy - Ros Garrick
The value of play
Categorising types of play
Free-flow play
Learning environment
Outdoor play: forest schools
Diversity and inclusion issues
A risk-averse society?
10 Observation and record-keeping - Ioanna Palaiologou
Historical perspectives of observation
Traditions in early years
EYFS and observation
What is observation
Learning Walks
Planning for observation
Recording: observation methods
The role of the observer
Documenting observations
Ethical implications
Limitations of observations
11 Equality and inclusion - Penny Mukherji
What do we mean by 'equality'
Special educational needs and disability
The inclusion debate
Other groups (gifted and talented, BME, EAL, asylum seekers, refugees, Gypsies, Travellers)
What are racism and discrimination?
Tackling prejudice
Celebrating and managing diversity
12 Behaviour and behavior management in early years-Eleni Kanira and Karen Ward
Theoretical perspectives on behavior
Underlying factors influencing behavior
Gender issues
Practical strategies for managing individual children and groups
Children  with special educational needs
Working in partnership with parents
13 Safeguarding children - Francisco Veale
The historical emergence of safeguarding
Current legislative frameworks and regulatory guidance
The Children Act 1989
What are abuse and neglect?
Domestic violence and the impact on children
Recognizing and responding to suspected child abuse
The Children Act 2014
Multi-agency and integrated working in early years
Links to the EYFS and the role of the practitioner
Fostering resilience
14 Working with parents and families - corn Arnold and Margy Whcrliey
An overview of how work with parents has evolved
Contemporary research and current debates
Pen Green Centre
'Growing Together' project
How parents are represented in early years curricula Frameworks in England
15 Leadership and management in early years - Joy Scadder:
What is leadership and what is management
Leadership in the organization
Group and team development
Implementing change
Leadership of practice
Early Years Professional Status (EYPS)
16 Early years research - Ann Farrell
Early years research: a priority
Early years research on the international agenda
Conceptual underpinnings of early years research
Child participation in research
Ethical issues in early years research
Getting started in early years research
Action research in the early years
17 Play and creativity in early years - Tina Bruce
Historical development of creativity in early years
Current views of creativity
Creativity, imagination and play
Twelve features of play
Constraints on creativity
The arts, sciences and humanities
The creative process and the creative act
Cultivating creativity - the heart of the curriculum and pedagogy

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