Computer Networking: The Beginner’s guide for Mastering Computer Networking, the Internet and the OSI Model, Edition 2021 (PDF)

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Publisher: Amazon

Author (s): Ramon Nastase 

Pages: 206

Edition: 2021

Language: English

Size: 13 Mb



Chapter 1 - Basic Networking Elements

1) Network Types

2) Network Topologies

3) Network Components

A. End Devices & Means For Transmission

B. Switch

C. Router

4) How Can We Represent (Or “Draw”) A Network ?

5) How Do Computers Communicate Over The Internet ?

Chapter 2 - The Osi Model

Chapter 3 - Layer 1 - Physical

UTP Cable Types

Ports, Interfaces And Their Speed

Full-Duplex / Half-Duplex

Collision Domains And Broadcast Domains

Chapter 4 - Layer 2 - Data-Link

What Is Ethernet?

How Do Switches Learn And Use Mac Addresses?

Chapter 5 - Layer 3 - Network

Basic Routing Concepts

What Is Ipv4?

Ipv4 Classes

Public Ip Vs. Private Ip

Private Ip Addresses

Configuring An Ip Address On Windows 7/8/10

What Is Ipv6?

Chapter 6 - Layer 4 - Transport

1) TCP

How Does A Client Establish A Connection To A Server ?

How Does Tcp Terminate A Connection?

2) Udp (User Datagram Protocol)

3) Ports

Chapter 7 - Layer 5, 6, 7 - Session, Presentation, Application

Network Applications

1) Dhcp

Configuring An Ip Address With Dhcp On Windows

2) Telnet

3) Secure Shell (Ssh)

4) Rdp - Remote Desktop Protocol

Chapter 8 - Cisco Ios & Intro To The CLI

Introduction To The Cli - Basic Router Configurations

Lab #1

Chapter 9 - Basic Routing Concepts

1) How Does A Router Work?

2) The Routing Table

How Does The Routing Work?

Route Types

Administrative And Metric Distance

Next-Hop And Output Interface - Recursive Routing

Chapter 10 - Static Routes

Why Do We Need Static Routes?

Advantages / Disadvantages

How Do We Configure Static Routes?

Default Route (

Lab #2

Lab #3

Chapter 11 - Routing Protocols

Distance Vector Vs. Link State

Distance Vector

Rip (Routing Information Protocol)

How Does Rip Work?

Configure Rip On Cisco Routers

Checking Configurations

Route Selection Process From The Routing Table


Lab #4

Lab #5

Chapter 12 - Switching Concepts. Vlan And Trunk &

Access Interfaces

1) Vlan (Virtual Local Area Network)

The Benefits Of Vlans:

2.1) Configuring Vlans On Cisco Switches

2.2) Configuring The Access Interface

2.3) Configuring The Trunk Interface

2.4) Settings Verification

3) Routing Between Vlans

Configuring Routing Between Vlans (Router-On-A-Stick)

Lab #6

Chapter 13 - Network Services (Dhcp, Acl, Nat)

1) Dhcp

How Does DDHCPWork?

Configure DHCP Router

Configure Dynamic Ip Address (Via Dhcp) On Windows

Lab #7

2) Acl

A) Acl Standard

Setting Acls On Interfaces

Lab #8

3) Nat

How Does Nat Work

Types Of Nat

1) Nat Static

2) Dynamic Nat

3) Pat (Port Address Translation)

Configure Nat On Routers

B) Nat Dynamic

C) Port Address Translation (Pat)

Lab #9

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