Leadership in Early Years 2nd Edition (PDF)

Leadership in Early Years 2nd Edition (PDF)
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About the Leadership in Early Years book:

Edition: 2016;
Pages: 355;
Size: 126 MB;
Authors: Jennie Lindon, Lance Lindon, Pat Beckley;
Publisher: Hodder Education;
Language: English;


Chapter 1: The role of the leader in early years setting
Why leadership rather than management
Leadership as a key issue for early years
A very female workforce
Concluding comments
Chapter 2: Understanding managers, leaders and leadership
Researching the world of work
Seeking effective leaders
Behaving as a leader
Leadership depends on the situation
Leaders as change agents
Leadership through people and teams
Concluding comments
Chapter 3: Leadership in times of change
The context of change
Integrating leadership and management
Managing and leading change
Concluding comments
Chapter 4: Developing your personal effectiveness
Reluctant leaders?
Self-confidence and assertiveness
Communication and personal effectiveness
Concluding comments best practice
Distributed leadership
The role of Early Years Professionals and Early Years
Teacher Status
Leadership of complex centers
Concluding comments
Chapter 6: Developing your transactional management expertise
The management arena
Leading an effective work group
Transactional behavior for the manager
Concluding comments
Chapter 7: The transformational leader -bringing about change
The context of change in early years
Harnessing vision and values
Continual learning and responsiveness
Valuing people
Concluding comments

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