Carpentry & Joinery Level 1 Diploma (6706) Edition 2021 (PDF)

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Edition: 2021
Pages: 347
Authors: Stephen Jones, Stephen Redfern
Publisher: Hodder Education
Language: English
Size: 22 Mb


Acknowledgements v
About the authors vi
Picture credits vii
How to use this book x
1 Principles of building construction, information and communication 1
How to identify information used in the workplace 1
Environmental considerations in construction 11
Construction of foundations 16
Construction of internal and external walls 23
Construction of floors 35
Construction of roofs 39
How to communicate in the workplace 48
2 Carpentry and joinery hand tools 54
Types of modern and traditional hand tools 54
How to safely use, sharpen and maintain hand tools 65
How to safely store and transport hand tools 110
3 Power tools 114
Power sources used with portable power tools 114
Power tool safety 118
Personal protective equipment (PPE) 120
Types of power tools, tooling and their safe use 121
Transporting, storing and maintaining power tools 172
4 Produce woodworking joints 177
Select and store materials used to produce woodworking joints 177
Select and use hand tools to produce woodworking joints 193
Identify the resources required to mark out woodworking joints 196
Mark out woodworking joints 198
Select and use hand tools and materials to produce basic woodworking joints 202
Understand how to manufacture a frame using woodworking joints 205
Form a frame using woodworking joints 211
Construct and fix hatch linings 217
Cut and fix skirtings and architraves 220
5 Types of fixings and ironmongery 228
Materials used in the manufacture of fixings and ironmongery 228
Fixings used in carpentry and joinery 229
Types of ironmongery 242
Installing ironmongery 256
6 Health, safety and welfare in construction 268
Health and safety regulations, roles and responsibilities 268
Accident and emergency procedures and documentation 279
Hazards in the workplace 284
Health and welfare in the workplace 295
Handling materials and equipment safely 298
Access equipment and working at height 301
Working with electrical equipment in the workplace 307
Using personal protective equipment (PPE) 311
Causes of fire and fire emergency procedures 315
Test your knowledge answers 319
Glossary 322
Index 327

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