Cambridge National Level 1/Level 2 in Child Development (J809) Edition 2022 (PDF)

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Publisher: Hodder Education
Author (s): Miranda Walker
Pages: 384
Edition: 2022
Language: English
Size: 8 Mb


Introduction iv
Howto use this book vi
Unit R057 Health and well-being for child development 1
Topic area 1 Pre-conception health and reproduction 2
Topic area 2 Antenatal care and preparation for birth 19
Topic area 3 Postnatal checks, postnatal care and the conditions for development 40
Topic area 4 Childhood illnesses and a child-safe environment 53
Unit R058 Create a safe environment and understand the nutritional needs of children from birth to five years 71
Topic area 1 Creating a safe environment in a childcare setting 72
Topic area 2 Choosing suitable equipment for a childcare setting 82
Topic area 3 Nutritional needs of children from birth to five years 98
Unit R059 Understand the development of a child from one to five years 127
Topic area 1 Physical, intellectual and social developmental norms from one to five years 128
Topic area 2 Stages and types of play and how play benefits development 144
Topic area 3 Observe the development of a child aged one to five years 159
Topic area 4 Plan and evaluate play activities for a child aged one to five years for a chosen area of development 168
Glossary 180
Index 182
Photo credits 186

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The author's knowledge of the subject matter is truly impressive.
My colleague recommended this book to me in college. Great book.
I think the price for this book is very different. About 30% cheaper than a paper book. My experience is positive.