Cambridge National Level 1/2 Sport Studies Edition 2021 (PDF)

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Publisher: IET
Author (s): Mike Murray, Ross Howitt
Pages: 223
Edition: 2021
Language: English
Size: 52 Mb


R051 Contemporary issues in sport 1
LO1 Understand the issues which affect participation in sport 3
LO2 Know about the rote of sport in promoting values 16
LO3 Understand the importance of hosting major sporting events 26
L04 Know about the role of national governing bodies in sport 33
R052 Developing sports skills 45
LO1 Be able to use skills, techniques and tactics/strategies/compositional ideas as an individual performer in a sporting activity 47
LO2 Be able to use skills, techniques and tactics/strategies/compositional
ideas asa team performer in a sporting activity 54
LO3 Be able to officiate in a sporting activity 60
L04 Be able to apply practice methods to support improvement in a sporting activity 67
R053 Sports leadership 78
LO1 Know the personal qualities, styles, roles and responsibilities associated with effective sports Leadership 79
LO2 Be able to plan sports activity sessions 87
LO3 Be able to deliver sports activity sessions 95
L04 Be able to evaluate own performance in delivering a sports activity session 100
R054 Sport and the media 106
LO1 Know how sport is covered across the media 107
LO2 Understand positive effects that the media can have on sport 122
LO3 Understand negative effects that the media can have on sport 127
L04 Understand the relationship between sport and the media 134
LO5 Be able to evaluate media coverage of sport 139
R055 Working in the sports industry 144
L01 Know the areas of employment within the sports industry 145
L02 Know the skills and knowledge required to work within the sports industry 155
LO3 Be able to apply for jobs within the sports industry 162
L04 Understand the impacts which the sports industry has in the UK 168
R056 Developing knowledge and skills in outdoor activities 174
L01 Know about different types of outdoor activities and their provision 175
L02 Understand the value of participating in outdoor activities 189
LO3 Be able to plan an outdoor activity 194
L04 Be able to demonstrate knowledge and skills during outdoor activities 201
Glossary 208
Index 213

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I bought it for study. Good book.
This book was recommended to me in my training center. Good book.