CACHE Level 3 Extended Diploma in Children and Young People Workforce. Early learning and Child Care (PDF)

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Published in 2012;
Pages: 472;
Authors: Maureen Smith, Teena Kamen, Jo Irvine, Mary Armitage, Corinne Barker;
Publisher: Hodder Education;
Language: English;

Size: 19 MB;


Section 1 Mandatory units
Extending understanding of theories of children dud/or young person's core
or development (Unit CP l)
Understand the role of policies in children and/or young people's settings (Unit CP 2)
Maintaining the health of children and/or young people (Unit CP 3)
An introduction to leadership and management (Unit CP 4)
Supporting the development of study skills (Unit CP 5)
Working with families of children and/or young people (Unit CP 6)
Working in part of more then one team (Unit CP 7)
Supportive approaches to behavior management (Unit CP 8)
Formal recording for use within the work environment (Unit CP 9)
Research to support practice when working with children and/or young people (Unit CP 10)
Section 2 Optional units
Support children and/or young people's development of the drama and music (Unit CP H)
Learning about planning from o given framework of curricula (Unit CP 13)
Supporting numeracy and literacy development in children and/or young people (Unit CP M)

Tags: CACHE Level 3 Extended Diploma, Extended Diploma in Children

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