CACHE Level 3 Early Years Educator for The Classroom-Based Learner (PDF)

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About the book

Published 2014;
Pages: 592;
Authors: Carolyn Meggitt and Tina Bruce;
Publisher: Hodder Education;
Language: English;
Size: 18 Mb;


Acknowledgments and About the authors
How to use this book
Theme 1 Health and well-being
Unit 1.1 Support healthy lifestyles for children through the provision of food and nutrition
Unit 1.2 Support healthy lifestyles for children through exercise
Unit 1.3 Support physical care routines for children
Unit 1.4 Promote children's emotional well-being
Unit 1.5 Understand how to support children who are unwell
Unit 1.6 Understand the needs of the mother and baby during pre-conception, pregnancy and the first year of life
Theme 2 legislation, frameworks and professional practice
Unit 2.1 An introduction to the role of the early years practitioner
Unit 2.2 Understand legislation relating to the safeguarding, protection and welfare of children
Unit 2.3 Use legislation relating to the health and safety of children
Unit 2.4 Use legislation relating to equality, diversity and inclusive practice
Unit 2.5 Work in partnership
Theme 3 Play, development and learning for school rediness
Unit 3.1 Understand the value of play in early years
Unit 3.2 Plan, lead and review play opportunities which support children's
learning and development in relation to current frameworks
Unit 3.3 Apply theoretical perspectives and philosophical approaches to play
Unit 3.4 Contribute to enabling play environments
Unit 3.5 Develop emergent literacy skills of children
Unit 3.6 Develop emergent mathematical skills of children
Unit 3.7 Understand the needs of the child M preparing for school
Unit 3.8 Understand how to plan to meet the needs of the developing child
Unit 3.9 Facilitate the cognitive development of children
Unit 3.10 Develop the speech, language and communication of children
Unit 3.11 Promote the physical development of children
Unit 3.12 Promote the personal, social and emotional development of children
Unit 3.13 Support children with additional needs
Unit 3.14 Use observation, assessment and planning to promote the development of children
Unit 3.15 Use longitudinal studies to observe, assess and plan for children's needs
Theme 4 Professional development
Unit 4.1 Engage in professional development
Assessment - Information and tips
Appendix: Useful acronyms

Tags: Early Years book, childcare book, child care, child care

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